100 years of hot air heating provided by Boogaerts

Boogaerts has been making hot air heating systems for 100 years. Heating up rooms, barns, churches, factories and basically all big volume spaces in Belgium. 

We talked to Pierre De Ville, CEO of Boogaerts about how Odoo helped them to grow their business.


The highlight of Odoo for us is the Project Management module that analyze the profitability of our projects. The CRM manages the sales flow; the warehouse, sales, purchases and manufacturing modules are closely linked and perfectly integrated. Accounting manages the legal and analytic part of our real-time dashboards. Further on, we use the HR and the fleet management modules. Our target is to lower administrative costs by 50% and I think that we will get there easily. 

I would like to draw attention to the strong support we are receiving from Odoo. I think that the other products on the market have to worry because it's very smart and quite daring to come to the market with such an affordable product that covers so many features

Pierre De Ville, CEO of Boogaert

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