OMEGA3C SRL: How to Achieve Excellence in User Experience Consulting

Company Name: OMEGA3C SRL

Location: Italy

Industry: Consulting

Apps: CRM, Sales, Website, Marketing

Company Size: <50

Odoo Users: 5

Hosting Type: Odoo.sh

The evolution of competition and the transformation of consumer behavior requires companies to operate in markets with entirely different modalities and in very different contexts than in the past. The Customer Experience is now the main driver of differentiation, the guiding star for successful companies.

In this particular industry, OMEGA3C SRL, a Milan-based company with fewer than 50 employees, helps companies define the strategy to quickly realize and implement the best Voice of the Customer (VoC) and CX Management solution and program to deliver exceptional experiences.

To know more about the company test 2: www.omega3c.it 

When Odoo is THE Strategic Shift Needed

The decision to implement Odoo was a strategic shift for OMEGA3C, and it played a significant role in their business operations.  They initially adopted the Community on-premise Odoo version in 2019 and experienced the benefits of its integrated ecosystem.

In 2023, the company switched towards the Enterprise cloud version, which includes a comprehensive suite of applications customizable to meet all its business needs. They decided to download CRM, Sales, Marketing, and Website management. The upgrade was more than just adopting new software. It was all about embracing a platform that promised to unify and streamline its operational landscape. OMEGA3C was convinced of the potential of this upgrade and thus decided to make the transition.

OMEGA3C implemented Odoo in several separate phases, customizing it through Odoo Studio, and ensuring it aligned with their operational requirements. This process highlighted Odoo's adaptability and OMEGA3C's determination to enhance operational efficiency.

When Implementing Odoo Brings More Benefits Than Expected

The implementation of Odoo at OMEGA3C drove transformative efficiency, collaboration, and data sharing across the organization.

The impact of Odoo went beyond the targeted departments to benefit the entire organization post-implementation, exceeding initial expectations. Odoo's adaptability introduced unexpected efficiencies and advocated for a comprehensive digital transformation strategy.

This shift to Odoo not only streamlined operations but also fostered an innovative and engaged culture that resonated throughout the company.

OMEGA3C is able to demonstrate multiple key outcomes from this implementation: a 30% reduction in marketing efforts, a 20% decrease in sales-related activities, and an 60% decrease in website maintenance efforts, illustrating the substantial operational benefits of the integration.

OMEGA3C's experience with Odoo serves as a strong example of the platform's ability to transform business operations. Odoo's flexibility to align with existing processes without requiring organizations to change their operations to fit the software allowed for seamless integration, which was crucial for OMEGA3C's continued success and operational excellence.

Therefore, we can say the partnership between OMEGA3C and Odoo goes beyond the typical relationship between a client and a software provider. This collaboration is aimed at addressing significant operational challenges, improving service offerings, and establishing new efficiency and collaboration standards. This collaboration exemplifies the potential of aligning technology with an innovative corporate philosophy.

We finally have an ERP with which we can manage the entire business activity supporting automations and processes related to finance, human resources, production, marketing, and more.
- Umberto Rossini, Business Developer
Driving to Success: World Wide Valet and Odoo