Fueling cleantech company Smappee for a future-proof growth

Company Name: Smappee

Location: Belgium

Industry: Energy

Company Size: 100+

Odoo Users: <30

Apps: CRM, Sales, Contacts, Accounting, Supply Chain, Purchasing, eLearning

Hosting type: Odoo.sh

Implementation Partner: Somko

Smappee, an award-winning global cleantech company, has been dedicated to saving energy and reducing costs for its customers by enhancing energy efficiency. Founded by Stefan Grosjean in 2012, Smappee has grown into a leading player in its industry, offering state-of-the-art technology to monitor electricity, solar power, gas, and water consumption in real-time to both B2B and B2C profiles. The company's energy management system provides actionable data down to the appliance level, allowing users to control their energy usage effectively. 

With the electrification of mobility on the rise, Smappee also addresses the associated energy challenges with its smart charging stations for electric vehicles. Headquartered in Belgium, Smappee serves customers through local representations in Australia, the US, the Middle East, the UK, and South Africa


Waving goodbye to stand-alone solutions

Before implementing Odoo, Smappee’s main challenge was that the accounting, sales, and supply chain teams were using different software programs that made integrating and sharing critical information difficult. Smappee had reached the point where the need for a centralised hub and streamlined processes became crucial to keep the organization on the right track. 

The company was therefore looking for a tool that could unite these disparities within a single and easily accessible system, whilst allowing for customization and flexibility according to their evolving needs. Reaching out to partner Somko, Smappee decided to integrate Odoo across its entire business.

Tackling challenges, application by application

First and foremost, Somko’s team installed Odoo’s suite of applications for sales and marketing operations. Then, they tackled the company’s supply chain. It wasn’t an easy task, given Smappee's product's intricate components and numerous suppliers. However, with a few customizations, they were able to provide the organization with an adequate solution matching its needs. To complete the integration of all their processes within the same platform, they also equipped Smappee with the stock management and payment services features of Odoo. Last but not least, Somko developed a partner portal, a critical need for Smappee as the company experienced rapid growth.

Watt's next?

The transition to Odoo brought about remarkable improvements for Smappee. By integrating accounting, sales, and supply chain operations onto a single platform, Odoo fulfilled Smappee's vision of a comprehensive, all-in-one solution. The ability to incorporate custom-made features, coupled with Odoo's open-source nature, simplified the process for Smappee. This centralization of critical processes enhanced inter-department information sharing and overall efficiency, finally addressing the longstanding challenges the company had faced.

One of the unexpected benefits of implementing Odoo was the e-learning and events platform. It not only functioned seamlessly, but also played a vital role in building Smappee's partner network. The adaptability of Odoo to cater to Smappee's specific business needs stood out as one of its greatest assets.

Smappee's journey with Odoo has not only streamlined their operations but also paved the way for future growth and innovation. The ability to mold the solution to their specific business needs has not only addressed their immediate challenges but also positioned them for continued success in the dynamic cleantech industry.

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