Turn abandoning visitors and lurkers into leads in 5 moves

Odoo Newsletter Popup fills your funnel with quality subscriptions

Your content is great. Your product is interesting. You have first-class calls to action (CTAs). Your traffic is good. Then why isn't your email list growing?

Although everyone with a successful online presence will agree that building an email list is very important, no one knows the magic formula for getting one.

The ugly truth is that a large number of visitors leave and fail to follow through on a website, even if they like it, sometimes due to a short attention span. And the uglier truth is, they won’t come back for the exact same reason.

So, how can you get them to take action? The answer - make it easy for them.

With the Odoo Newsletter Popup you can make the most of the users’ attention spans by showing them a gentle reminder or an easy call to action. Although you may think that popups are the worst thing ever, we're here to tell you that they're terrible when they’re not done right.

What do you hate in a popup? You hate that it usually opens on a separate window (normally when you visit a website or when you click on the screen). That it jams your browser. It slows down your navigation and perhaps your whole computer. We hate these things too.

But there are other types of popups, ones that pop up on a specific page within a website.

This is the kind of tool that Odoo has developed. Everything revolves around intent. Get visitors to act and make the most of your users’ attention spans: convert every visitor, including abandoning ones, into subscribers.

How to use your current website traffic to increase leads in 5 steps

Although the process is fairly intuitive, here is a step-by-step guide that will help you install and configure your Odoo Newsletter Popup.

1. Build your website with Odoo CMS. Building blocks and the unique drag and drop system will help you create state-of-the-art website with a great design to feature your content. 

 2. Click on Edit to modify your website, and drag and drop the Newsletter Popup block on the page.

3. Follow the wizard: pick the appropriate option from the Add a Newsletter Subscribe Popup window, and then Continue.

4. Prepare your text by clicking on the Click Here to Edit Dialog Content. Edit the text block and click on Save.

 5. Your Odoo Newsletter Popup is ready!

Unlike other annoying popups, the Odoo Newsletter Popup doesn't prevent the visitor from leaving or closing the window like they normally would. This tool is giving you one more shot at retaining the user and getting them to respond to your call to action (CTA).

Got any other tips on how to build an email list? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Odoo Newsletter Popup feature available to Odoo Online Spring Release 2015 users.

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