Odoo Web Design Service 101: Design Progress & Responsiveness

We talked about the importance of a site map and wireframe last time. But how are we going to translate all that into your website? Scroll down for a walk-through and all the tips and tricks from Odoo's Web Design Experts!

Outstanding Menu Bar

Building a straightforward menu and footer is the first step to a beautiful website to leave a good impression on visitors and potential customers. 

Simply structure your menu and footer the way your site map suggests to ensure precise navigation. Don't forget to add your logo and feature your selected brand color at the footer to represent your business just as you want.

Crisp Content

Think like your customers when adding content to your now structured website—crisp presentation and eye-catching design are key. 

Actualize your wireframe by playing around with the user-friendly Odoo Website Builder to present your products and services in tailored text colors and placement. If you are looking for something quick but still charming, make use of the many design blocks available on the Website Builder. Easy to modify, these design elements can also function as brainstormers or the foundation of your unique design before you make edits—be it smoothing out the corners or completely changing the size and shape of your blocks—to claim the design yours. 

The next step is to accent your website design with visuals. Take advantage of all the beautiful free images on Unsplash available on Odoo to appeal to your visitors!

Responsive Web Design

Odoo also understands that modern businesses welcome most visitors on mobile views, as a mobile-friendly website guarantees you:

  1. Seamless User Experience,
  2. Improved Search Engine Visibility, and
  3. To Stay Ahead of the Competition. 

Toggle between the "Mobile" and "Desktop" views or click the mobile icon on your top edit menu to ensure your website design on mobile view is as seamless and easy to navigate as on laptops. One of the best features of our low-code Website Builder is that you get to edit everything on the front end and get instant reflection of your edits. 

Odoo also allows users to add and remove blocks or adjust spacing when viewing your website on mobile view, with the placements on laptop view remaining the same.

And this is how we support responsive web designs for optimized conversion and results for your online business!

More Tips & Tricks

  1. Shape Your Images: Experiment with the customizable shapes and features to look different and stand out from your competitors!
  2. Set Up A Parallax Background: Give your website a modern look by featuring a mainstay image complemented by the many customizable templates. 

  3. Use Odoo's Built-in Tabs & Forms: Interact with your visitors by encouraging them to reach out to you via request and quotation forms on your Odoo-supported website and have the inquiries automated on the backend on CRM, Contacts, eCommerce, and Helpdesk.
  4. Hit "Save": Who hasn't experienced the pain of losing hours of hard work for not hitting "Save"? We learn from history. 

And we hope this gives you an idea of how easy it is to build your online business using the Odoo Web Design Services*. Still have doubts? Book a free audit session with our in-house Web Design experts!

*Free audit session is only available in APAC.

Odoo Web Design Services 101: Site Map and Wireframing