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Onnet Consulting Vietnam JSC.

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Onnet Consulting Vietnam JSC.
137A Nguyen Van Cu Street, Ngoc Lam Ward
Long Bien District
+84 24 6663 9523

Since founded in 1998, Onnet has just one mission: To help Southeast Asian SMEs and Corporations succeed financially through the use of internet technology. We have always been a strong believer of Open Source technology as it brings unprecedented productivity and value to enterprises of any size without the hefty cost of proprietary softwares.

Started as a web hosting company, Onnet has helped thousands of SMEs in Malaysia to increase their web presence as well as to increase their communication efficiency within the company as well as to their customers.

Building on past success, our partnership with Odoo further enhanced our ability in bringing the best of web-based business applications to SMEs and Corporations, at a cost that is significantly lower than Tier-1 ERP solutions in the market.

We do not believe in software itself can achieve any business goal. Business success is building on top of a good system couples with correct execution and good business decision based on factual data, therefore we offer an ALL-IN-ONE solution for you.

Our Business Operation Simplified (BOS) framework focuses not only on software itself but more importantly we ensure your staffs are well-trained at all time and continuous business process improvement with the help of our consultation.

Put it simply: BOS = System + Training + Business Consulting


Just let us have the chance to understand your need and offer our help. Our satisfaction comes in the realisation of your company's success through the use of our business solutions.