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Moc Diep Dana Co. Ltd.

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Moc Diep Dana Co. Ltd.
K14/31 Dao Duy Tu, Thanh Khe Dist.
Da Nang City VN-DN

We Live In Peace With Mother Nature * We believe that, all of us together, you and we, can take actions to make change, even small ones. So that we, our children, our grand children and future generations can live in beautiful world, like Bhutan.

We apply sustainable technologies to understand and love all things around. We believe that, with selected technologies those are natural friendly, we can efficiently utilize sustainable resources to improve life of not just human being but also all species on Earth. Currently we are implementing Odoo ERP systems to support all size of businesses. We provide business analysis service to resolve your problems and improve efficiency. We also develop software to automate your daily works.