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Ready İş Ortağı

8 Hafez Ramadan, Al Manteqah
Nasr City
+20128 5640005

We aspire to make technology accessible everywhere, and through everything, making your life a little easier. Building the right digital interface that will help you get to that dream you have obsessively and frequently thought of. Therefore, on our table, we gather over coffee, in our jeans and sneakers. Our brains come together creating a whirlwind of ideas. We write them down, draw them, label them and empower them with character and color. We are paint squeezing out of a tube, and ink splashes on white sheets of paper. We are footprints on sand, and leaves falling from a tree. We are the feathers of a bird, and cloud patterns in the sky. We come to work because we want to. We leave because we have to. Holidays are for inspiration. Work is for achieving dreams،Our motivation is the outcome, not the paycheck. 

Creation is by God. Creativity is by us… ​



MovEx Egypt
MovEx Egypt
With 15 years of experience in packaging, transportation, and relocation, we use only the best packing material, including dismantling and reassembly of furniture and electric devices and appliances, as well as ensure the client would be compensated in case of any damages that occur during transport.

We also provide international relocation using our global network; whether you want to move your house to Egypt or from Egypt, hiring MovEx means our movers will take care of packing and unpacking as well as port clearance and domestic transport; leaving absolutely no task unaccomplished.