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BISSTECH SRL Certified v13
Our company is Odoo partner since 2013 and promotes cutting-edge ICT technologies in SMEs at national and at European level. We develop and automate customers business with the Odoo management software. We implement innovative solutions by means of process optimization, simulation technology, integrated business management tools, advanced maths and simulation. Thus, we foster the increase of productivity and the cost reduction in the companies of our customers, driving the consolidation of their ...
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The Romanian-Belgian company Diginesis meets the increasingly growing needs for business software solutions of organizations acting in various fields. These organizations have acknowledged the necessity to make the production process more effecti...
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NextERP Romania SRL
NextERP Romania SRL Certified v13
You're experts in Romanian Localisation. Grow with us, grow with Odoo.
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Pledra Netcom SRL
Pledra Netcom SRL
Pledra has been supporting small and medium size companies implementing Odoo since 2012. Our portfolio includes projects in a wide range of industries with a focus in manufacturing and retail, throughout Europe and US.

Our open source module suite, the Product Configurator, is helping businesses that require direct input from their customers regarding customizable products to streamline the ordering and manufacturing process.

Besides Odoo Implementations our services include: Odoo deployme ...