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I-Soft Solutions
I-Soft Solutions
Founded in 1980, i-Soft Solutions is a South African owned company based in Cape Town. We specialize in customer-centric business solutions, along with customized software development, implementation, training and support.
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Open Revolution
Open Revolution
Open Revolution is fanatical about providing solutions that empower businesses to become more efficient, effective and profitable. For the past 7 years, we've been assisting clients to get the most out of Odoo..
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The IT Team
The IT Team
The-IT-TEAM is a team of Business Consultants using experience and a variety of techniques to understand and analyse your business needs and requirements to find the best software solution for your company.
We always try to find the best solution for our clients through our innovative thinking and use of the best technologies.
We have 30+ years of experience in the information technology space and use this experience to your advantage.
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As part of our Managed Services division, BetaRisk offers an integrated Digital Transformation technology solution in partnership with Odoo.

BetaRisk is an official & certified Odoo partner, with an experienced implementation team across business analysis, client management, project management and technology. We have a global resource network we can tap into to deliver the right solution for your needs.
We are excited to take you through your digital transformation journey.
Hitech Asset Recovery Managers Pty Ltd
Hitech Asset Recovery Managers Pty Ltd
WebConcepts - started 1997
The Software Experience
60+ years Combined Solutions with Business experience

Covering many channel models
Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Retail, Wholesale, Distribution
Solutions, Services, Revenue Sharing Models, Asset Management and Disposals
Auctioneering, Trading, Rentals and Recurring Billing

Vertical Markets - Solution Experience -
FMCG, Pharmacueticals. Electronics Components, Enterprise IT, Consumer Electronics
Clothing / Rag Trade / Fashion, Fabric & ...
Synova Consultancy
Synova Consultancy
Synova is an organisation of experienced business consultants that utilise technology or innovative techniques as a tool to achieve business objectives on behalf of its customers.

Synova engages in software development and implementation, process automation, IT consulting, Scrum training and IT systemstraining acrossvarious industry sectors.

Ourteam has extensive and deep expertise across different industries gained across various countries. Our ability to integrate and understand differin ...