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Dymaxel Systems (Private) Limited

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Dymaxel Systems (Private) Limited
Office #908, 9th Floor, Park Avenue, Main Shahra-e-Faisal
75500 Karachi
+923111770076, +923341243350

Dymaxel Systems has a team having over 20 years of experience, offering a range of IT Solutions and Management Consulting services for International Trade, Manufacturing, Retail and e-Commerce. 
We understand International Trade, Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail (PoS and e-Commerce), HR, Accounting and other related functions, in both a global and an Asian context. This enables us to assist you with configuration, customization, training, etc. to ensure that your IT system meets your business requirements. 

We have a successful track record of delivering:
-Complete ERP (Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Trade and Logistics, Sales & Distribution)
-Capacity & Material Planning for Manufacturing and Supply Chain
-Price List management, electronic catalogs and order taking
-Sales Forecast and Procurement Schedule
-Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Campaigns
-E-commerce and Point of Sale
-Financial and Analytic Accounting
-Business Intelligence and Reporting
-Document Management


Trex (Private Limited)
Trex (Private Limited)
Trex is a part of Al-Munaf Corporation who is a textiles manufacturer and leading exporter sited in Pakistan with 100 percent overseas market in the United States of America. It established the business as a modest manufacturer and exporter of textiles with some in-house operations in 1980 and now has won the maximum share in exports by providing the highest quality product with all its operations from knitting to finally supplying the order to the customer’s doorstep under one roof.