Is it possible to round the total price of a sales order/invoice?


You have products with rounded prices (for example 1.50 $) and taxes that are not rounded (for example in Austria there are taxes for 7.7%).


You add your products on the sales order and the tax. But with the unrounded tax the total of the sales order becomes 1.62$. How is it possible to round that end price?

- It is not possible to round taxes

- It is not possible to use price lists because they work on the prices of a SO line and not on the total

- Activate on the tax "included" in price and then put the price list with the right rounding on the So --> Not working. Once you activated the "included in price" you can't choose your price list.

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With Accounting or without accounting solution :

This needs to be done BEFORE any INVOICES are CONFIRMED.

Go on general settings - activate multi currencies - open the currencies - open your currency and there you can change the rounding.