Can a Customer have a default Currency for their Invoices?

We have a UK Company that has UK and European Customers.

Some Customers want to always be billed in GBP and others always want to be billed in EUR.

I see that, for a Contact record, Odoo supports a Supplier Currency (property_purchase_currency_id field) but the Currency field is read-only and is set via _get_company_currency to match the currency of the Company.

Can User Defined Defaults on the Customer Invoice manage this?

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The following User Defined Default

... will set the Currency of a newly created Customer Invoice for Contact with partner_id = 8 (so change this to match the ID of the Partner you want) to the currency with id = 1 (so change this to match the ID of the currency you want).

Note: Customer Invoices and Vendor Bills share the same model (account.move) so this will also affect Vendor Bills (overriding the Supplier Currency setup) except when Vendor Bills are created from a Purchase Order (where they respect the Supplier Currency default or the currency chosen on the Purchase Order) so this is a solution only if Vendor Bills are never created without a Purchase Order.