ROI Analysis: Everything you need to know as an Odoo Partner

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How well do you know the ROI Analysis?

At Odoo, we started to do ROI Analysis instead of GAP analysis in our implementation projects. We realized that this analysis improved our success rates as customers got more focused on the business value. After a few months of applying this approach, our project leaders improved their skills in tracking waste in business processes.

On Thursday February 4th at 3pm CET, Grégory Dethier, will be giving a webinar in which he will explain everything Odoo partners need to know about the ROI Analysis. This webinar will include the following topics:

  • What is a ROI Analysis?

  • Why should I perform a ROI Analysis?

  • How to perform a ROI Analysis?

This webinar is 100% free and will be followed by a live q&a session

Tarih & amp; zaman
4 Şubat 2021
15:00 16:00 Europe/Brussels

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