The Berean Call

The Berean Call


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Amerika Birleşik Devletleri (A.B.D.)

The Berean Call is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation which exists to:

  • Alert believers in Christ to unbiblical teachings and practices impacting the church.

  • Exhort believers to give greater heed to Biblical discernment and truth regarding teachings and practices being currently promoted in the church.

  • Supply believers with teaching, information, and materials which will encourage the love of God's truth, and assist in the development of Biblical discernment.

  • Mobilize believers in Christ to action in obedience to the Scriptural command to "earnestly contend for the faith" (Jude 3).

  • Impact the church of Jesus Christ with the necessity of trusting the Scriptures as the only rule of faith, practice, and a life pleasing to God.


“We have been using Quickbooks for almost 20 years along with separate order entry and webstore systems.  We have spent a lot of time balancing and synchronizing data, and have really wanted a completely integrated system.  We have used Quickbooks for so long, it was a terrifying thought to use something else!  I appreciate how Novobi helped us to make the transition to Odoo, their knowledge of Quickbooks really made things easier”

Mark Vander Ark