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AL TALAEA KINDERGARD is an educational institutions that provide instruction to students from preschool through secondary education. They are responsible for imparting knowledge and skills that prepare students for further education or employment.
Derasat Eğitim
DERASAT, a think tank in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with a vision to create a forum for intellectual thought, creative dialogue and high quality services
Nasser Vocational Training Center (NVTC)
Nasser Vocational Training Center (NVTC) Eğitim
The establishment of NVTC reflects the sincere interest in providing quality education to Bahraini nationals and being a standard of leadership for all of the Kingdom of Bahrain. NVTC addresses the need for national youth to be trained in technical and vocational fields.

NVTC is a chance for young men to complete their education and obtain professional training simultaneously. This will qualify them to take part in developing vocational and technological plans and programs for entities around Bahrain and the opportunity to study further at university level.

Our program is specifically designed to international industry and business standards. This is to ensure that NVTC graduates are employable and ready to meet the requirements of local and international commercial organizations.
St Christopher's School
St Christopher's School Eğitim
St Christopher's School is a British private school located in Isa Town, Bahrain and Sar, Bahrain, offering British curriculum education. It offers primary to secondary education ranging from reception to Sixth form. Students sit GCSE and A-level examinations.