Fueling Efficiency: La Casa del Petrolero with Odoo

Company Name: La Ferreteria y epp ODEC

Location: Mexico

Industry: Industrial Supplies

Company Size: 5

Odoo Users: 3

Apps: Point of Sale and Invoicing

Hosting type: Odoo Online

Based in Cd. del Carmen, Campeche, La Casa del Petrolero operates throughout Mexico, via its online store. La Casa del Petrolero emerged as a solution in response to the demand for industrial supplies within the oil market. Its primary focus is to provide the tools, hardware materials, and industrial safety equipment required for the oil and gas industry in the shortest time possible.

Getting to know Odoo

La Casa del Petrolero began its search for an ERP system in its early days as a company. David Orozco, general manager of La Casa del Petrolero, shared that, thanks to his experience working with other systems, he knew exactly what he was looking for, and found it in Odoo. 

In this quest, he stumbled upon Odoo through YouTube, and realized it was an accessible, comprehensive system. What ultimately convinced him was seeing that Odoo was both a CRM and an ERP system, simultaneously. 

Other systems were very expensive, required the purchasing of separate modules, and couldn't handle everything within the same system. All of these deciding factors (and more) led him to choose Odoo.

Successful Implementation

The implementation of Odoo with La Casa del Petrolero took place as the company was just starting out, which benefited and boosted its growth. 

David Orozco added the following when asked to comment on the decision to switch to Odoo, "Overall, Odoo has been very useful for the company. As a manager, the dashboard and boards help me a lot because I can see sales, purchases, accounting information... in a very fast way."

Key Benefits

David Orozco, general manager of La Casa del Petrolero, mentioned that working with Odoo brought several benefits, including having everything in one system, thus allowing him to abandon other systems (or applications) they only used for one function. The fact that Odoo is both an ERP and CRM system allowed La Casa del Petrolero to invoice in one place, with greater ease and speed, without the risk of human errors.

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