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Parallel 42 Systems, Inc

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Parallel 42 Systems, Inc
500 Ouellette Ave, 902
Windsor, N9A 1B3
+1 888-960-7641 x3
Parallel 42 Systems is a partnership of software practitioners in Windsor, Ontario. We take pride in delivering solutions tailored to our clients' budget and circumstances. We can help you by deploying and customizing software to meet your needs, creating custom solutions to automate your business processes, or hire and train the resources you need to manage your own professional software development practice in-house.

Our consultants are software specialists who can research, deploy, and customize software for your business. We can help you plan and deploy your Odoo system, and integrate Odoo with your existing software. If needed, we can customize the software to meet your needs, including custom reporting and integration.

Good business intelligence requires reliable and accurate data, often from multiple systems and databases on premises and in the cloud. We can build you a new business intelligence system or enhance the one you have, relying on extensive experience with database and data warehouse design, data integration, and custom reporting.

Parallel 42 consultants have proven ability to identify, train and mentor top technical talent. We can help your business find the right people and review your technical processes to find opportunities and make process improvements that will increase the value of the intellectual property they develop.