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OdooTec Certified v11 Certified v12
Awarded Best Odoo Partner In The Middle East & North Africa in 2019
​Jeddah - Riyadh - Dammam
OdooTec is awarded "Best Odoo Partner in The Middle East And North Africa" in 2019. OdooTec is a group of wise and friendly professionals who went through myriad business situations and are passionate about understanding business objectives and solving business issues using application software and services.

+966 502 973 504​ - ...
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ATIT (ex NOOR IT) Certified v11 Certified v12
ATIT, formerly NOOR IT, one of the leaders in the integration of Open Source solutions in KSA and the Middle East.
We are the open-source one-stop-shop, whatever your computer needs, we can advise you one or more Open Source solutions, whether in the areas of content management, customized Web solutions, E-commerce, the decision-making and of course the ERP.

ATIT is one of the ODOO partners that is a software used by more than two million users to manage their busi ...
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Solution Founder
Solution Founder Certified v10 Certified v12 Certified v13
Solution Founder is an Award Winner Odoo Gold Partner
" We are best Odoo Starter Partner of 2019 in The Middle East & North Africa"


+966553611503 +966 570 786 312

An IT Company that cares for the success and growth of your business. We offer cutting edge Odoo solutions to the businesses with an accurate and timely approach.
Apart from providing services over Odoo, SFITG is an active member of the Odoo community and has contributed many open source modules ...
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Pioneer Solutions
Pioneer Solutions Certified v12
Pioneer solution is a rising progressive company providing complete solutions in Content management, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and Cloud Environment services by professional team.
حلول الريادة شركة متخصصة في تقنية المعلومات و ت...
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TeleNoc (هلكون لتقنية المعلومات)
TeleNoc (هلكون لتقنية المعلومات) Certified v12 Certified v13 Certified v14
TeleNoc (Helcon IT) is an IT Services & Solutions Provider Company based in Saudi Arabia having HQ in Riyadh and presence in Jeddah and Dammam as well. We have professional pool of onsite technical and functional Odoo certified consultants who have wide range of experience in Odoo implementations, consultancy, integration and customization.
TeleNoc Business Profile:
TeleNoc Distinguished Customers:
TeleNoc Testimonials & Aw ...
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GLOBAL CREATIVE CONCEPTS TECH CO LTD [ iWesabe ] Certified v10 Certified v11 Certified v12 Certified v13 Certified v14
iWesabe is an Odoo Gold Partner and leading Odoo ERP Customization and Implementation Company operating from INDIA, BAHRAIN and SAUDI ARABIA.

Know more about us by visiting or Reach us at your comfortable destinations at:

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Era Group LTD. CO
Era Group LTD. CO Certified v12 Certified v13 Certified v14
Gold Partner
نحن في مجموعة ارى، نضمن لكم أربعة:
✔الاهتمام بمتطلباتكم ✔ جودة التنفيذ ✔ سرعة الإنجاز ✔ استمرارية الدعم ✔
Era Group is one of the leaders in the implementation of Odoo solutions in KSA.
Since 2008, we provide ERP solutions for any type and any size of business, web, e-commerce, manufacturing, and more.
You can reach us at +966-58-179-6666
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SLNEE Certified v11 Certified v12

** Best Odoo partner in the MENA region 2018 **

A Saudi information technology company and one of the first technology companies specialized in innovating best business solutions.
SLNEE consultations differ from others insofar as it avoids theorizing; rather we live in the here and now so that we can help our customers to answer their exact needs with the lowest cost and the best performance.

(+966) 112166668
(+966) 504197779
(+966) 553999072

*** ...
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Silver คู่ค้า

BI Solutions
BI Solutions Certified v12
We offer guidance to our customers on determining their business requirements and reaching out to the best solutions to the current and the upcoming challenges. Our experts will aid you by investigating the business situations, pinpointing and analyzing the improvement opportunities in your business, defining the needs and maintaining the competent use of technology in achieving exceptional performance. We provide our customers with the utmost benefits from Digital Transformation so as to boost ...
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ERP-Bank Certified v14
Dammam +966 598 872 296
Riyadh +966 56 0 54 00 33
Jubail +966 59 88 722 96
Jeddah +966 56 05 40 033
Ahsa +966 59 887 2296
Khobar +966 56 054 0033
ERP-Bank, is a world-class software solutions company that specializes in providing leading-edge Enterprise Business Solutions such as ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, eCommerce, and more. ...
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Plus Tech Company
Plus Tech Company Certified v13
Plus Tech company is an Information Technology integrated solution provider located in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Plus Tech is an Odoo partner with a mission “to provide best hardware and software solutions to accompany any business need worldwide through certified and highly qualified workforce”. We provide an integrated software systems to help businesses have better insights on their processes. It serves as one of the best and trusted Odoo official partner, providing ultimate Customization and Imp ...
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SIT & Think Digital
SIT & Think Digital Certified v12
SIT is a Digital Development Company, an entity under Musaid Al Sayyar Trading Group, that can help your business grow with innovative and engaging solutions. We build cutting-edge digital solutions with the quick-engaging user interface and user experience.
We provide ERP Solutions for any type and any size of business, mobile app development, business web development, e-commerce development & IOT development.
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Amazing Business Solutions
Amazing Business Solutions Certified v12
Amazing Business Solutions established in 2011 to help companies develop their organization to a high performance business.
We offer a variety of solutions and services that not only improve operational efficiency but also significantly help companies manage their bottom line.

We are spending a significant amount of time researching viable solutions and new methods to bring to our invaluable customers.

Ultimately, our goal is to deliver the right results, enable you to focus on your core bus ...
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Global Solutions
Global Solutions Certified v13 Certified v14
شركة رائدة في تقديم حلول أودو، وتقديم خدمات الاستشارات وتطبيق برنامج أودو ، لإدارة موارد الشركات من خلال باقة متنوعة من التطبيقات، المحاسبة، المبيعات، المخزون، الموارد البشرية وأكثر من ذلك بكثير.
A leading company in providing Odoo services, consulting & implementing to help to manage corporate resources through a variety of applications, accounting, sales, inventory, human resources, and much more.
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So Visions
So Visions Certified v13
نحن نخبة من المستشارين المتخصصين في مجال إدارة الأعمال و البرمجيات منذ ما يزيد عن 25 عاماً .. أصبح لدينا رؤى مُطلقة في مجال إدارة الأعمال مما أتاح لشركاؤنا في النجاح ( عملاؤنا ) الاعتماد على خبراتنا المتراكمة و رؤانا المستقبلية في إدارة أعمالهم بطرق تتمتع بالمرونة الشديدة و الدقة المتناهية و الرقابة في مواجهة المواقف المختلفة و التحكم التام بعناصر العمل و ذلك لتحقيق أقصى ربحية لأعمالهم. >>> >>> +966 506 840 915
We 're elite consultants who are spec ...
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 Integrated Technology Software Solution (ITSS)
Integrated Technology Software Solution (ITSS) Certified v12 Certified v14
ITSS is a software house located in three different markets in MENA Region Saudi Arabia , Egypt
ITSS offers a full solution to run your business smoothly and efficiently through a set of quality services including implementation of (and not limited to):
CRM(Customer Relationship Management).
Accounting(Payables, Receivables, General ledger, cash management and analytical accounting).
Supply chain(Sales, Purchase, Warehouse management)
Human Resources
E-commerce and websites building.
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Innovative Leading Solutions Organization
Innovative Leading Solutions Organization Certified v12 Certified v13
Transfer to the Digital World

Innovative Leading Solutions Organization, providing cutting-edge technology to different industries in the market.
Many years of experience, ILS continued to provide value-added and turnkey solutions. Our experience included delivering the most effective and professional service to all our clients. Our consultants continuously help companies improve operational efficiency by providing reliable solutions, and giving the best advice in using technology

مؤسسة حلول م ...
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ERP Professionals
ERP Professionals Certified v13
Every organization is on a journey, there are many conversations taking place around digital transformation and what it means across a range of industries. There is sometimes an assumption that Digital Transformation is an event when really, it is about leveraging what is available today to better prepare for the needs of the business moving forward. We have been digitally transforming for decades and it is a mindset of constant evolution.

We are a team of professional consultants and developer ...
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Palmate Technologies
Palmate Technologies Certified v14
Palmate Technologies - Be Beyond

We help organizations transform digitally !

Why Us?

Team having more than 10 years of experience in Odoo. We know “Odoo”
We follow tested and proved methods for project management.
No false commitments. We achieve it by providing all deliverables documented upon Gap Analysis.
Committed to Customer Satisfaction.
Experience working on high-end customization.

Our Expertise:

2. Manufacturing
3. Ecommerce (Gold, FMCG)
4. Fashion ...
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IT-SYS Corporation - KSA
IT-SYS Corporation - KSA Certified v12
-- Nominee For Best Partner in The Middle East 2019 --
IT-Systems Corporation® is a IT business solutions company that provides IT Products, Customized solutions and Services to integrate clients' business processes with the latest IT technologies and best practices, In partnership with UDATA Company a leading company in the IT business in Saudi Arabia since past Six years .
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LEITH Solutions KSA
LEITH Solutions KSA Certified v11 Certified v12
LEITH Solutions:

Engagement in the PMO Integrated System Development is ought to have a direct impact on the return on investment for ICT Technology. It will ensure an effective return on innovative ideas to optimize programs and projects management in order to align ICT Technology investments and its Business Objectives.

Our clients choose us because they trust us for our strategic advice and flawless implementation of t ...
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Ready คู่ค้า

GAIT Certified v12
Gulf Advanced Information Technology Co. “GAIT” is specialized in ERP systems for Enterprises and SMEs in addition to building its own portfolio of innovative apps. GAIT will provide clients with secure, reliable, and friendly-use solutions that have a rich searchable database for their businesses.
GAIT is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions to our customers.
Value for our business:
• Maximize visibility for each business process
• Improved speed, accuracy, and cont ...
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ASASAT Advanced Systems
ASASAT Advanced Systems Certified v12 Certified v13
ASASAT Advanced Systems is certified Odoo partner in KSA, we provide professional Enterprise Resources Planing system (ERP) implementation services using our agile methodology and scrum processes. Our certified Odoo techno-functional consultants have great experience to implement and deploy your digital company using Odoo ERP system to fulfill your needs and optimize your automated business workflow.

6321 Olaya, AlSahafah, Riyadh, KSA
https://www.asasatas ...
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Archer Solutions - Saudi Arabia
Archer Solutions - Saudi Arabia Certified v12 Certified v13
Archer Solutions is an IT services provider, we develop an integrated software systems to help businesses have better insights on their processes. We have implemented Odoo ERPs for tens of companies working in ten different domain and located in four different countries, these systems are efficiently used by hundreds of users representing employees and partners of these companies.

Customers satisfaction rate is always measured by Customer satisfaction department in Odoo, they contact our ente ...
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Saudi Numbers For IT
Saudi Numbers For IT
Saudi Numbers Information Technology
SNIT is a highly innovative software developer, systems integrator and technology provider. It was established to provide cutting edge intelligent technical solutions and consulting services to businesses and institutions.
SNIT is a leading company in the software industry. It strives to find efficient, effective and affordable technical solutions for all needs. This is done by working together with the client to develop tailor made electronic processes t ...
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Growth Way
Growth Way
We trust at Growth Way to elevate your business to new heights aiming to boost your income & lower expenses based on 10+ years of experience in IT, odoo ERP, eCommerce & Online Marketing.
To grow your business contact us now
واثقون في مسار النماء بقدرتنا على الإرتقاء بنشاطك إلى آفاق جديدة بهدف تعظيم الإيراد وخفض التكاليف مستندين لخبرات فاقت 10 سنوات في تقنية المعلومات ونظام أودو والتجارة والتسويق الإلكتروني.
للإرتقاء بأعمالك اتصل بنا الآن
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Odoo is an Amazing software that needs a real partner that delivers exceptional, results-oriented solutions in all aspects of Enterprise Resource Planning services (ERP). When it comes to the realities of the implementations, the expertise in understanding the customer’s business processes is the key to many success stories. With over 50-years of demonstrated service-excellence, AMCL provides technological consulting services in the fields of engineering and sustainable energy. By relentlessly p ...
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Everteam Global Services Limited
Everteam Global Services Limited Certified v12 Certified v13
Everteam Global Services / Ever Business Solutions is an international software provider that brings about 30 years of leadership and innovation combined in Enterprise Resource Planning, Content Services, Process Services and Data Governance, operating directly for the market of KSA.

With its distinctive knowledge in advanced technology and conducted by its micro services architecture, Ever Business Solutions emphasizes on covering all business needs related to ...
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Abdul Aziz Al-Hakbani Sons Company – Nutech ITS
Abdul Aziz Al-Hakbani Sons Company – Nutech ITS
Nutech IT Solutions was established in 2012 to cater Al Hakbani Group & Market needs for a fully developed cost effective IT & IP Surveillance Technologies.
We Offer innovative & cost effective solutions that ensure high performance and reliable ease of operations.
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Alta Pete Business Solutions
Alta Pete Business Solutions
Altapete Business Solutions (APS) committed to provide quality Odoo implementation and support services. APS is one of the leading ERP and software organizations, offering wide range of Open Source Business Applications worldwide, Odoo being one of the flagship products. APS has successfully completed Odoo implementation for various businesses including Trading, Manufacturing, eCommerce & Services industry. APS is located in Pakistan, KSA & Bahrain being the development Center. APS team has been ...
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Digital Intelligence of Information Technology
Digital Intelligence of Information Technology
Digint is a pioneer IT services and software development provider offering business transformation and automation through cutting-edge tech services and digital transformation solutions.
We empower businesses through consulting, core modernization services and digital touchpoints to create insight-based business models for a digital brand to alter the way that your customers feel about your business and services.
Founded in 2014, Digint works closely with ambitious clients to overcome challeng ...
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Smart Business Solutions
Smart Business Solutions
Our goal is to help you achieve your goals by providing integrated business solution services, adequate consultation, innovating the best automated solutions, enhance employee productivity and reduce operational costs and overheads.
We offer a new approach to business solutions and digital transformation services for your company, through Odoo ERP.
We care about the success and growth of your business while helping you keep track of all your business workflows, simplifing your operations, and in ...
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APSG TECHNOLOGY is an industry leader in manufacturing and IT services solutions provider.
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Anmar Tech
Anmar Tech
Anmar Tech. & Trading Co. is established as Anmar Tech & Trading Est. in 1998, having HQ in Saudi Arabia. Then expanded to become a company in 2017, with total number of 85 employees. Anmar Tech started providing call center services (Telework) and supports automated document delivery solutions for fax, email and IVR in the growing Saudi Arabian market. Then we expanded our services to provide IT services including SLA’s, IT Consultation, System Migration, System Integration, and Training.
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Business Success Telecommunication and Technology
Business Success Telecommunication and Technology
Choosing Odoo open source ERP will offer your business the most flexible management possible. Business Success is one of the Odoo partner company and offer best Odoo development service for businesses, consumers in Saudi Arabia and worldwide.
Every business needs different types module which supports its needs. The most advantageous factor of choosing Odoo ERP as open source ERP systems is its ability to let us extend the native functionalities. Odoo lets its users to integrate custom made modu ...
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Code Commercial Services Co.Ltd
Code Commercial Services Co.Ltd
Based on Experience Back to 1993 Code Commercial Services Co.Ltd. Founded in KSA-Riyadh Aiming for International Market Standards looking to leave A mark as SAUDI Company Developing an Unprecedented Creativity and Professionalism Level.
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DGTERA Certified v12 Certified v13
DGTERA provides businesses with tailored software enabling you to be part of the Digital Era. Our platform helps to facilitate your growth, overcome the obstacles, boost revenues, track the entire business, streamline your operations, and control the finances. We are digitizing businesses to establish optimal working setups. ...
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Mega Trust Group
Mega Trust Group Certified v12
Megatrust is one of the leading companies as we have been in the market since 2005. The headquarters is located in KSA and we have expanded to open a new branch in Egypt, we offer miscellaneous services as we have four main departments: software house, graphic team, 3D architecture and contact center, providing top notch services for our clients. We have acquired not only a valuable capital but also a lot of experience that we are constantly moving forward ...
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Naqlah Tech
Naqlah Tech
Naqlah Tech provides a unique IT solution that leads your company to fasten its growth process and eventually outstand its competitor in a short time frame.
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