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Checkout "Pay Now" button

Quartile Limited, Tim Lai
- 16/10/2018 05:19:02

Recently we discovered an issue in Odoo's checkout process.
During the checkout process, if "Wire Transfer" is selected as the payment method and the user presses the "Pay Now" button for a few times. Odoo will enter a "Deadlock" state and the server will not have any worker available to handle other requests. The server will become "inaccessible" for a while but it will return back to normal until the workers are timeout-ed.

We are looking for options to handle this issue since it is quite common that the user will press the button for a few times in order to make sure the server is "handling" their request when the server is loading.

We would like to know if there is anyone has implemented something similar to the following:
1. Grey out the screen and show loading gif when the "Pay Now" button is pressed (what Odoo did in the backend)
2. Disable the "Pay Now" button after the first click.

Welcome any other suggestions as well.

Best regards,
Lai Tim Siu
コタエル株式会社 / Quartile Limited