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Is Odoo storing .pyc files somewhere unusual?

- 05/12/2014 19:44:14
Got another question about odoo today. It's an oddity that has kept me
puzzled for quite a while now.

When I update my module's python code, the code files themselves are
updated, but the actual bytecode that odoo runs is not. So, I get a
stack trace showing me an updated line in the source file even after I
have fixed the problem. I know what caused the original error, but
nothing I do seems to cause it to pick up my changed code. Yes, I have
tried restarting the server.

When I look in the module, it has .py files, but the .pyc files are
missing. Where could they be?

If anyone wants details of the exact error that began this, someone on
stack overflow helped me figure that out, here:

I'm not sure whether odoo has some logic that copies pyc files or
whether something mysterious in my setup (ubuntu server 14.04 and odoo
v8) is causing those files to disappear.  Any ideas?