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Re: Proposal to review the OCA contribution guidelines

Leonardo Pistone
- 18/08/2014 05:02:32
Hi all,

I am with Alexandre on this.

The same discussion cames up regularly: someone feels frustrated with
the OCA guidelines.

Being part of the maintainer team, I believe strongly that we can
increase the quality of the oca codebase (at least). This is a
pragmatic, not an idealistic plan:

lint in general is a _prerequisite_ , not a substitute of quality.
High, fixed guidelines for coding standards and automated testing
allow us to have an automated setup for travis, coveralls and so on so
that now while doing code reviews, we concentrate on a real, human
review, knowing the machine already checked what it could.

This is real stuff: a lot of work has been done to make all that work,
many code reviews are done, many tests are written and so on. It
works, I see the situation improving. As Alexandre says, anyone is
very welcome to participate the code reviews, and maintainers and the
community are general is available to help and give guidelines.

Personally I took care to lint a few repos so that they are fully
green on travis, and that didn't take more that a few hours (autopep8
+ manually), and has to be done once. Many others did the same.

Also, I am concerned more on the barrier for developers that see
direct commits without code review, incomplete tests, unreadable code,
no lint and in general low quality and mainteinability (as it often
happens in the core and we're working hard to improve on OCA) than the
barrier from 80 columns.


> I have another concrete proposal: please start doing reviews