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Re: Code of Conduct Proposal

Andi Becker
- 30/10/2017 08:14:00
Hi Fabien

I would pack all commercial announcements in a special list like Ermin plused already the previous suggestion and won't allow also those long footers like many are using here in all other lists. In the spacial Commercial Announcement list everybody who has special offers should be able to  announce their stuff regardless if it is 50% of or a training session as all of is part of the ecosystem as Daniel already pointed out, but it should get limited to a special announcement list when people can also i.e. rate offers! This would help buyers or interested people to select appropriate and good value offers. Limiting it only to modules or 100% offers and especially not allow training sessions would be contra productive. Odoo S.A. should not be afraid to compete with others who offer perhaps much better services or simply also more extended or more for beginner oriented services, especially also related to modules and products as well as services promoting the CE Version.

As you can see also here on the response of Ermin it will simply not work to forbid plus one like "+1" as this is a very common way no most open source mailing lists and forums to show others the support of ideas as long as the forum is not providing a feature which says + 1 -1 like in stack exchange and others.

"The goal was to support teachers, not people who starts." 
Before having good teachers (which usually are not at all developers - they are good in coding but often worse in writing manuals or even patient enough to teach - you need a lot of starters who get taught by others. Splitting that up in different mailing lists will simply fail as usually only the main mailing lists which most people will attend would be used ;-) THis is very different to forums where people choose a thread or branch each time they access it.
Most people here receive mailing list threads in the boxes and if something is interesting they simply reply and you would even create a complete chaos when than people think that the appropriate mailing list would be another one and then change the topic and everything gets spread in mailing lists all over.

A good open source Product would need actually only one main mailing list for all those threads but would leave the filtering and be sorting up to the mailing list users. People who respond to a mailing list are looking for an answer and are for sure not looking and trying which mailing list would be now the best one to post a question or whatsoever. A commercial announcement list would be a special thing for people who would like to announce stuff. Those you could actually also redirect to a forum post instead of being able to send their announcements via mail. Here you could ask them not only for their proper name, you could add a disclaimer that the people named would be reliable to make their announcement also become true and things like currently happening on the Odoo shop would simply no more possible that products get offered which are even not able to be downloaded for whatever reason. KIS Keep it simple - One Mailinglist and special stuff can be done in a proper forum where people could look up a thread and then perhaps responding to that specific thread again and again via mail.

The Odoo Forum itself is suboptimal and a real chaos as it is very difficult to display all threads simply one below each other.

"There is a need for a mailing list of 50 high quality announces a month, instead of 400 mails / month."

You could make a best of the mailing list feed which simply would show the best-rated posts by readers - like I mentioned above already your system won't work with many mailing lists or you set up a special "50 high quality announcements" but the question would be who is reading all those odoo announcements when they are mainly interested in announcements for CE Version and companies who are promoting CE.

But as I heard already this problem would be solved soon as companies will focus more on support and crowd sharing resources in future providing members with an extra subscription to get high quality information.

Kind regards

On Sun, Oct 29, 2017 at 12:16 AM, Fabien Pinckaers <> wrote:
I see that Announcements will only the allowed in a specific ML, and commercial announcements are not allowed.
I don’t see a reason to ban commercial announcements: it is a relevant part of the ecosystem. At worse, we should have a Commercial Announcements ML.

The idea is to allow announcement on modules or new features (including proprietary modules) but
avoid commercial announcements like "50% off on modules", "training sessions". implementation
service offers, etc. We should probably "allow" commercial announcement, but moderate to the best
ones only.
I also feel that replies should be allowed, to allow for clarifications.

You can always reply directly to the author if you want more information, or post a question on another
mailing list if you want to trigger a discussion: functional & developers.

The goal of the Announcement list fit a specific needs: getting informed of new features (curated to good
content only), without having to follow long discussions. There is a need for a mailing list of 50 high quality 
announces a month, instead of 400 mails / month. (for those who do not want to involve in discussion, but
want to be informed)
Regarding the new MLs, I have some suggestions: 
- Education could be named Learning, and cover also sharing of learning resources and questions from people getting started

The goal was to support teachers, not people who starts. The later can use the "functional questions"
mailing list.

I applied your other suggestions:
  • numbering sections
  • developers -> technical

No dia 28/10/2017, às 09:46, Fabien Pinckaers <> escreveu:

Dear community,

Over the years, the quality of the discussions on the community list has decreased. The best
Odoo contributors are less active on the list, and we start to see more disrespectful behaviors
or comments. As a result, the number of subscribers does not grow as the unsubscription rate
is high.

In order to increase the quality on the discussions, we propose a "Code of Conduct", as well
as a restructure of the mailing lists by center of interests. More information in this document:

Please make your suggestions in the Google Doc directly.

We will review every recommendation and make a final version of the code of conduct. Once
done, we will restructure the mailing list and ask everyone to resubscribe in order to accept the
new rules.

With a strong community, Odoo is stronger. This code of conduct will be the foundation to
improve community's interaction.


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