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Re: Code of Conduct Proposal

Daniel Reis
- 28/10/2017 10:22:26
Hi Fabien , that’s a good and needed move.

Regarding the code of conduct, I suggest you to number the paragraphs, allowing an accurate reference during a discussion. 

I see that Announcements will only the allowed in a specific ML, and commercial announcements are not allowed.

I don’t see a reason to ban commercial announcements: it is a relevant part of the ecosystem. At worse, we should have a Commercial Announcements ML.

I also feel that replies should be allowed, to allow for clarifications.

Regarding the new MLs, I have some suggestions: 
- Education could be named Learning, and cover also sharing of learning resources and questions from people getting started
- Announces now exclude commercial announces. Shouldn’t they be allowed, as long as people don’t abuse the list? 
- Developer could be named Technical, to also cover ops related questions (server setup, configs, etc)
- Translators - I expect most of discussions here to be about the proper translation terms, so I feel that it will overlap a lot with the Functional or Accounting MLs, and wonder if it is needed.

Daniel Reis

No dia 28/10/2017, às 09:46, Fabien Pinckaers <> escreveu:

Dear community,

Over the years, the quality of the discussions on the community list has decreased. The best
Odoo contributors are less active on the list, and we start to see more disrespectful behaviors
or comments. As a result, the number of subscribers does not grow as the unsubscription rate
is high.

In order to increase the quality on the discussions, we propose a "Code of Conduct", as well
as a restructure of the mailing lists by center of interests. More information in this document:

Please make your suggestions in the Google Doc directly.

We will review every recommendation and make a final version of the code of conduct. Once
done, we will restructure the mailing list and ask everyone to resubscribe in order to accept the
new rules.

With a strong community, Odoo is stronger. This code of conduct will be the foundation to
improve community's interaction.


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