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Re: POS nginx disabling ssl for /pos/web route

Ryan Cole
- 01/02/2017 15:28:37

Are you having issues with mixed-content warnings from the browser?

If this is the case, it may be better to disable the warnings, rather than attempting to de-HTTPS the specific routes used by the POS. Disabling HTTPS on /web/session could cause other problems with the website/backend, and could leave your Odoo instance vulnerable to attacks.

AFAIK, Odoo only communicates via non-HTTPS with the local PosBox, so disabling these warnings shouldn't cause any security issues, assuming your local network is secured.

This is a problem that should be fixed in the point_of_sale module.


From: "4fuss" <>
To: "Community" <>
Sent: Thursday, February 2, 2017 1:40:19 AM
Subject: POS nginx disabling ssl for /pos/web route

Hello Community,

I have problem configuring nginx to work with POS with ssl. As 
documentation suggests I disabled ssl for location /pos/web but in that 
configuration some requests like for /web/session/get_session_info are 
passed as http type but the method should be called with json request. I 
suppose there is something wrong with my redirection configuration on 

Can anybody provide me with exemplary nginx configuration, please?

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