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Re: Odoo to manage a supermarket.

twanda AG, Ermin Trevisan
- 12/07/2016 01:52:57
Thanks Daniel for this short and helpful assessment.

On 11.07.2016 21:12, Daniel Blanco wrote:
> I've been using POS (v8) in several small  customers, where they use
> just one instance to do it all. This is what i have to say:
> 0) this is the advantage: the interface is beautiful, and appears at
> first sight very easy to operate, but there are several caveats behind:
> 1) when invoicing directly from POS, payments are not reconcilied,
> leaving lots of invoices apparently unpaid, You must run a
> reconciliation later, after closing the day, or the cash session.
> 2) there is no official way of generating payment in account payable...
> you pay or not pay... or you can create a fake payment method, that
> makes a dummy account registration on "customers payable" account for
> example. This screw automatic reconciliation up later.
> 3) pos cannot raise a warning properly. Sometimes there is a fake
> "internet unavailable" message, when, truly, there is a subjacent
> error/warning trying to show, but pos cannot manage it.
> 4) pos itself is very difficult to program. There is no good
> documentation to do this. Even if you want just one more field is a pain
> in the asz. Some customers are not in disposition to pay the cost of
> customizing this, because requires deep knowledge to do this (not "cheap").

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