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Odoo Enhancement v.8 NOT jumping to v.9.

Ahmed Shaaban
- 01/04/2015 14:43:54
Hi Fabian/ Odoo Community,,,

The community email list is very valuable step and feature which help Odoo, and the community to share the knowledge, the enhancements, and the bugs (issues),

As I'm Odoo community member, and as we consider Odoo is our product not just Odoo company :), so I decide to share and make voting for the following points:

I think the better for Odoo product is doing the following points instead of Jumping to new version v.9:-

1- Fixing Bugs   // There are critical bugs needed to be fixed
2- Enhancements existing Features  // like (Multi company, warehouse, website, ...etc)
3- Enhancing the security part   //(it's important and critical point, it is needed many enhancements)
4- Adding new features to the existing modules   // as upgrading the same main version not jumping to another version.

As we are (Odoo Community members) have a very good knowledge and experience in the others ERP systems like SAP and Oracle. So we can enhance Odoo to be the first ERP in the world.

Just finish the Opening modules and points, then move to the  new points (GUI,.....etc)

This is my opinion, please I want all to share their opinion.

Also, please Fabian share your opinion.


Ahmed Elsaka

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