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OCA project: __unported__ folder considered painful

Camptocamp France SAS, Alexandre Fayolle - Camptocamp
- 11/03/2015 03:26:06
Hi all,

I'm finding the __unported__ folder to be a pain. AFAIR it was
introduced so that modules unported to a new version of odoo would not
clutter the main repository and people would not try to use a module
only to find out that it was not installable. I agree that this is a
good thing to have. However, on a daily basis it has the following

* when porting an addon to the new API in 8.0 branches, git often gets
confused and the diffs are horrible
* when merging the 7.0 branch of a project to the 8.0 branch, new files
introduced in the 7.0 branch for unported modules must be manually
moved   (and of course new modules in the 7.0 branch must also be moved,
but this is ok with me).

My take on this is that in a better world[1], "unported" modules would
not be in the 8.0 branch *at all*. They would live in their peaceful and
quiet lives in the 7.0 branch until someone decides it is time to move
them. I'm not quite sure how this can play nicely with the fact that I
would really like to have periodical merges of the 7.0 branches in the
8.0 branches of the OCA projects to ensure that 8.0 versions get the
fixes from 7.0.

So let's have a discussion on this:

1. am I the only one to feel the pain of __unported__?
2. do you think it is worthwhile to have 7.0 -> 8.0 merges for OCA projects?
3. do you have ideas how to tackle the two objectives above (preferably
without going through a huge reorganisation of our repositories, cf.
note below)?

[1] in an ideal world we would have 1 repository per addon, and if you
don't have a 8.0 branch, then it means the addon is not ported. Period.

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