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Re: Announcing AdSpike

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 19/12/2014 07:32:46

> This is such great news. I just can't wait to see the v9. Will it be
> in June ?

There is no deadline. We will release when it's ready. Most probably in
2015. Most of the marketing apps are available or will be available
shortly in SaaS.

> In the list of new features you are not mentionning the new voip
> module
> Does that mean it will be made available beforehand ?

No, I just listed marketing features only. V9 has way more features than
this. There are improvements on most apps. I did not mention this one
because it's a sale feature, not a marketing one.

> My clients are all in the wine industry and I can tell you they need
> these marketing features.

Are you an official partner? If yes, we got a RfQ for a wine association
in France yesterday. Drop me a private email if you are interested.
(urgent, we have to propose them 2 partners within the next week)

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