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Checking the reporting is almost impossible

Eva Pinter
- 06/12/2014 22:56:39

I was trying to check the reporting, but I found out, that it is not possible.

For instance, the sales report. The sales order number does not appear on any report, and it is not possible to make it appear as it is not part of either the measures or the analysis criteria.
If I have a difference between the amounts, it is almost impossible to figure out where it comes from.

Furthermore, in the custom filter, I can add the ID, but as a user, this is an information, I do not see, unless, I change all the screens to show me the ID, what most users are not able to do.

The next point is that the total amount is calculated without tax, what is absolutely perfect. The problem is that in the Standard list view of the sales order, the total is always shown with taxes. So the same word is used for 2 different information. Of course, one can change the list views, but the objective is to have a ready to use system where not everyone needs to be a technician to use it.

The worst of all is that the currency is not considered when analysing the sales orders. So, If I have a sales order in USD and my home currency is EUR, the system will bravely sum everything and ALL analysis results will be wrong.

So here are my propositions for change:

1. Integrate either the sales order number in the report or the ID on other screens to allow a check of the report
2. In the standard list layout of the sales order, take away the invoice type and replace it by the more relevant Total amount before taxes
3. Always consider the currency when doing an analysis.

Thank you in advance for considering those changes or propose work arounds.

Best regards to all
Eva P.