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Re: problems with transactions in foreign currencies Odoo 9, 10

- 18/10/2016 20:12:45
You can always get back to the conversion rate by comparing the currency amount to the debit/credit amount.

But having said that, we spent a lot of time working on currencies in V8 in dealing with payments and banking to make the process much more specific and manageable. But being a small country in the middle of nowhere, we also have

-  local currency NZD
 - sell NZD, receive USD into USD bank account
 - sell USD receive USD into USD bank account
 - sell USD receive USD into NZD bank account


At some stage will need to relook at the whole payment and banking process as was improved by Odoo from V9.

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If I correctly understand Artem's point:

Basically what Artem is explaining is that the current way Odoo manages the transactions in foreign currencies results in a breach of the "audit trail" because the debits or credits as they are recorded do not "maintain" the transaction currency as an "active" field.

  • (by the way how does Odoo accounting app keeps track of the currency rate that was prevailing at the date the calculation is made for each single transaction? If it is not saved with the transaction itself (or by any other mean allowing to trace to the exchange rate) then this is an issue for accountants and auditors, including tax authorities)
This makes impossible to report for financial statements in a "presentation" currency; a frequent need for companies that must present their F/S using a specific currency required by a third party (bankers or stock exchange or investors); in this case one must recalculate each original transaction in its original currency using the required "presentation" currency.

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