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Re: Payment to reconcile invoices of a different customer

Eric Caudal (Odoo Community Association)
- 16/07/2015 00:21:18
this is kind of Kafakaïen situation where I cannot post because I have no karma and to get the karma I need to be upvoted for my posted answers...
If anybody from Odoo can grant me some karma, I might be able to contribute directly in the forum...

In the meantime, here are my thoughts:

Reconciliation will be based on the AR account+associated partner so you cannot directly pay an invoice for another partner

Original vouchers are similar to:

DR AR - company B 100

CR sales 100

DR AR - company C 200

CR sales 200

If the mother company is always paying for the children you might want to share the AR account in all partners (but not mandatory see below)

You probably have to go through an intermediate voucher (intercompany payment) such as:

DR AR - Company A 300

CR AR - Company B 100

CR AR - Company C 200

You could simply create a journal with the account AR for company A.

Then you can issue your payment against line 1 and reconcile the other 2 lines with the original invoices

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