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[8.0] Importing Historical Sales/Accounting Data Into Odoo

DevBranch Company Limited, Luke Branch
- 23/06/2015 23:32:15
Hi Community,

I'm interested in importing historical sales and accounting data into Odoo 8.0 to allow for our sales team to review historical PO's, invoices, etc. from within the Odoo interface.

Is anyone aware of a method to do this or know of an Odoo specialist that has experience with this? From what I understand Odoo is by-design not setup to do this, so the data would need to be modified manually, or by using a script post-mortem.

I am happy to pay for services and/or training on how to do this, as it is a major roadblock for us in getting setup with our Odoo instances.

I would prefer to pay for training on how to do this ourselves in 8.0 so that we can replicate this many times over, as we have a large amount of historical documents that need to be entered into the system over the course of time.