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Re: new account.account model (v9)

Aanda Pte Ltd, Kim Goodall
- 07/06/2015 08:25:07
Dear Community,

If I can give my input ..

I think the View Parent etc accounts make good sense for ease of reporting summaries etc and most ERP systems have these accounts.

Interestingly I have never tried to re assign a "posting account" to a new view account... I must assume that it recalculates the new correct balance for the postable accounts. I can remember systems like Software International having a routine that would have to be run to recompute the summary balances.

For me it would be sad to see the Consol and View/Parent accounts disappear.


On 7 Jun, 2015, at 3:12 am, Marcelo Bello <> wrote:

Davide, a while back, when the new accounting module was on design phase there was some discussion on the list about the decision to end hierarchical accounts. If I remember correctly Fabien convinced most people that hierarchical accounts are not needed and that there were simple ways to overcome the lack of account hierarchy.

If you search the list you will find plenty of info from previous discussions.

Em 05/06/2015 20:56, "Davide Corio" <> escreveu:
as far as i'm not mistaken, Odoo removed these things from 
account.account and account.account.type models:

1) "parent_id" field has been removed from account.account

2) no more "view" account type

3) no more "consolidation" account type

I strongly believe that many localizations rely on these params.
without parent_id we don't have a hierarchical chart of accounts.

Can we reproduce it using tags as Odoo says? i don't think so.

Without view accounts we still need a way to compute the total of a 
specific account including its children.
If this is already possibile on v9, we still need to find a way to avoid 
people using "that" specific account instead of one of its children.

Without the consolidation account type i can't see how we can, for 
instance, configure a multicompany scenario with companies with 
different CoAs. Or consolidate the company's CoA over the Basel II CoA 
which is often requested by EU Banks.

My fear is that, as sometimes happens, those features have been dropped 
because Odoo doesn't need them.

Does your localization need them?
Will we need to re-implement them as OCA modules?

Davide Corio

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