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How to raise validation error if remaining hours exceeds the planned hours in odoo 13

Thirumalai Vasan

Hey there!

Hope y'll doing good!

Am learning Odoo 13 Technical fundamentals.

I've encountered with an confusion on how to raise validation error using python constraint, while the remaining hours exceeds the planned hours in project module in odoo 13.

I have enabled the timesheet page from notebook in project module by

configuration -> settings -> checking the boolean "Task Logs" as shown below:

Where after that, i got following tab:

Here, i have hovered over remaining hours and i've changed using following python code:


    def check_remaining_hours(self):

        for task in self.remaining_hours:

            if task.remaining_hours > 50:

                raise ValidationError("Remaining Hours must not exceed Planned Hours!")

but please let me know what's the right way to tackle the above problem.

Thanks for the help! if helped!