When Odoo reserves stock for Sales Orders, can it do so taking into account the Date of the Order?

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I've seen Odoo allocate, or reserve, products on Delivery Orders taking into account when the order was confirmed.

For example, if I create SO1, SO2, SO3 and SO4 - it will allocate to SO1, then SO2, then SO3, then SO4.

This is fine for some companies, but not mine.

If SO1 doesn't need to be delivered until AFTER all the other orders, and SO2 and SO3 need to be delivered after SO4, then SO4 should be the FIRST Delivery Order to have products reserved for it and SO1 should be the LAST.

How can this be setup?

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Ray Carnes
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Activate Set a Delivery Date on Orders in Sales --> Configuration --> Settings:

You then set a Delivery Date on each order before confirming:

You can see these four orders were confirmed with Delivery Dates that are not in the same order as they were confirmed:

The corresponding Delivery Orders, before any products have been received or manufactured:

The corresponding Delivery Orders, after the FIRST unit of products has been received or manufactured:

Note that the LAST order confirmed is the FIRST order to have a product reserved (allocated).