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Yenthe Van Ginneken เบลเยียม

--Yenthe Van Ginneken--
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Turnhout, เบลเยียม
--Yenthe Van Ginneken--

Yenthe Van Ginneken เบลเยียม
31/12/14 05:10

Hi Ibrar

You are correct. The documentation of Odoo is pretty bad and very limited. I guess they do not want to spend their budget and time on it sadly.
However there is very little good documentation and help from Odoo there is quite a lot from the community.
Stephen made a list of all blogs / tutorials / forums which you can find here: https://www.odoo.com/nl_NL/forum/help-1/question/what-blogs-tutorials-forums-exist-about-odoo-68797
He's also writing a 'tutorial' for Odoo here: https://www.odoo.com/nl_NL/forum/help-1/question/i-need-a-beginners-configuration-guide-for-odoo-v8-71298

This is atleast a good start where you find most things. For further questions / troubles just post away on this forum. There are quite some people here that will help you!

Best of luck


Stephen Mack ชิลี

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--Stephen Mack--

Some people call me a karma whore, I only ask for 10 points if you like my answer and 15 if I happen to get it correct.

Stephen Mack ชิลี
31/12/14 05:46

The documentation you refer to is actually a copy of the official odoo documentation.  It's source code is hosted on GitHub and compiled frequently to the Odoo main website.

You are correct that it is not yet a very polished document as it is currently in development by various odoo developers with community pull requests.

What I have learned about Odoo themes and sources of documentation for Odoo, I have posted in the forum.

I would recommend that:

  1. Use the official documentation (I don't know how often the other website is updated and could be an old version).
  2. When you find errors or missing information, make a GitHub edit and fix the text so everyone benefits (see the image above).
Ibrar Ahmad ปากีสถาน
31/12/14 07:46

@ Yenthe, @Parakash and @Stephen Mack thanks for reply. Actually they spent time to make odoo documentation but with a lot of gaps that need to be filled. And what i think is that they did it intentionally to make people be dependent on the their SAAS version of Odoo. Anyway still people are trying their best to know the Core of Odoo. And thanks to them that they share it to others... 

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Oocademy, Yenthe Van Ginneken เบลเยียม
31/12/14 07:52

@Ibrar no problem. You might be right about Odoo doing this intentionally to keep knowledge in house. This is probably better for their revenue honestly. Although I hope I am very wrong. Just keep trying with Odoo and follow those blogs/tuts you'll learn it fast enough. I've picked up a lot in 4 months.

Stephen Mack ชิลี
31/12/14 07:59

Honestly, too many people think that Odoo is only about making money on their product. There is no doubt that they must make money to continue to pay the developers, however I think they are trying to evolve as fast as possible to win the market. I think that the owner places a priority on development and new features that he sees as the future. To achieve this, he has put his resources on development and not documentation. The free part of the software does not include odoo training you on how to use it. So the community needs to step up. We can have a good product if we all work together.

Oocademy, Yenthe Van Ginneken เบลเยียม
31/12/14 08:07

@Stephen I'm quite sure that Fabien is aiming on the development before the documentation. Its probably to stay ahead of the concurrention too honestly. However I think a little team for documentation/tuts/help would be a nice thing. You cannot become a big, well liked, open source company without pleasing the people that use it. Many companies fail on this part as without documentation and help developers are lost too and they simply choose for another alternative eventually. So this works in two directions I guess... I guess the community itself has to step up the game and make more tutorials.

Stephen Mack ชิลี
31/12/14 08:20

Honestly can I say that I am disappointed in the new Chief Marketing Officer that was announced at OpenDays in June (Alexandre Vandermeersch) http://youtu.be/3NOkxXyRu4I I would really like to know what this guy does. I expected to see him involved in the community and to use his resources to better position Odoo, to release updates on what is going on and to manage expectations. The only person I see answering questions and interacting with the community (other than a few developers) is the founder Fabien. I don't have to agree with his decisions but I can not fault him for his contact with his community. Truly disappointed in Alexandre! Hopefully he is doing things beneficial for Odoo that I can't see.

Oocademy, Yenthe Van Ginneken เบลเยียม
31/12/14 08:32

Hmm the fact that I have not even heard of this guy tells enough I guess. I didn't even knew he was responsible for marketing. He seems to miss some vital skills in communicating with customers/companies then. Let us hope he is using his knowledge and strenghts on something else.

shalin wilson บาห์เรน
23/3/19 05:19

i have created the tutorial theme v12

after installation i couldnt see any changes in header or the text "Welcome in our website!"


Prakash อินเดีย


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OpenERP Developer at SunARC Technology

Prakash อินเดีย
31/12/14 07:32

You refer Odoo Document  and also Default Openerp apps module. In default website module menu are created in data folder new xml file.


Create a new template file odoo/addons/theme_dummy/views/pages.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<template id="website.hello" name="Homepage" page="True">
    <t t-call="website.layout">
        <div id="wrap" class="oe_structure oe_empty">
                <div class="container">
                    <div class="row">
                        <h1>This is Your Content</h1>
                        <p>Isn't amazing to edit everything inline?</p>



Create a new menu file odoo/addons/theme_dummy/data/test_dummy_data.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <data noupdate="1">

    <record id="hello_menu" model="website.menu">
       <field name="name">Hello</field>
       <field name="url">/page/hello</field>
       <field name="parent_id" ref="website.main_menu"/>
      <field name="sequence" type="int">20</field>


In __openerp__.py file

    'name': 'Dummy Theme',
    'description': 'Dummy Theme',
    'category': 'Website',
    'version': '1.0',
    'author': 'OpenERP SA',
    'depends': ['website'],
    'data': ['data/test_dummy_data.xml',
    'application': True,


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