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ADONZE Wholesale/Retail
Adonze est une société de service spécialisée dans le conseil et l’intégration des solutions Progiciels de Gestion Intégrées(ERP)
Elle propose l’intégration de solutions dans tous secteurs d’activités dans le cadre de projets stratégiques auprès des entreprises PME/TPE
Elle s’est focalisée vers le développement de solutions sectorielles complètes, alignant la force d’un ERP comme Odoo, les spécificités des différents secteurs, et les particularités du contexte marocain.
Adonze compte plus de 60 implémentations dans le monde et dans tous les secteurs d’activités.

Sophia Benyahia Kaftan
Sophia Benyahia Kaftan Wholesale/Retail
Growing up watching a sophisticated and elegant Moroccan mother practice the ritual of
designing traditional garments for many occasions with master artisans in their ateliers is a
strong memory, which Sophia Benyahia holds to this day.
Accompanying her to historic souks in search of unique fabrics and delicate hand crafted
trimmings to embellish each garment, Sophia had seen and learnt the production of
creating a kaftan unfold from an early age.
Inspired by the beautiful process and techniques involved in creating these pieces of art,
Sophia Benyahia offers a wealth of creative direction to her collections inspired by
traditional Moroccan tailoring. Her touch is sophisticated, traditional yet glamorous,
embodying her roots through fashion.
A creative spirit with limitless boundaries, her approach to design is fresh and original
without forgetting the luxurious and regal history that compliments the aesthetics of her
kaftans. Inspired by her surroundings and cultural aspects of her country, references of
Moroccan tiling, stone carvings and henna designs are absorbed into her ideas for each
Understanding the evolution which traditional garments can undertake without losing their
age old charm has allowed Sophia Benyahia to design a collection for women who are
fashion forward and cosmopolitan. Incorporating simple aspects of western designs into her
looks, she has ensured the signature Moroccan kaftan style is at the heart of every design.

Sophia Benyahia, like her customer, is women who is stylish yet traditional, confident yet
modest and allows her personality to shine through in her clothes and the detail which goes
into every piece in each collection.