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A & S General Trading Company
A & S General Trading Company Wholesale/Retail
We provide the best natural, environmentally friendly products in the State of Kuwait.

We are a distribution organization that focuses on green, organic & healthy products and provide its range with one goal to change people’s life into a more sustainable lifestyle.
Al Asfour Group
Al Asfour Group Wholesale/Retail
Al Asfour Group- Al-Futooh International Group has uniquely positioned itself in the heart of the world’s most prolific hydrocarbons provinces as a young and growing licensed distributor for Castrol products in Kuwait.

The Group has enjoyed fluid growth, smooth success, accelerated progress and top notch performance in a market that has responded positively to its products & services.

The foundation of Al-Futooh International Group was laid when it started operation as a licensed distributor for Castrol lubricants in Kuwait. Established in 2001, Al Futooh International Group is also diversified into Health Quest, the food station for healthy diest food and Auto Quest, the one stop shop for car care.

Al Hajri Gulf General Trading and Contracting Co.
Al Hajri Gulf General Trading and Contracting Co. Wholesale/Retail
We have implemented Odoo to handle : Accounting and Employees.
Al Kuwaitiya Live China
Al Kuwaitiya Live China Wholesale/Retail
The Kuwaiti Shipping Company was established in 2014 in The Republic of China in the city of (Guangzhou). It has several branches in (Kuwait - Saudi Arabia - Qatar Oman) and specialized in importing from China. The company’s vision has always been consistent with the needs and aspirations of its distinguished clients, who use the company’s services all over the world adhering to the company’s same distinguished vision of excellent performance and continuous and steady expansion. The Kuwaiti Shipping Company has a clear determination to build a better future through continuous improvement and the interaction with the clients, partners, and employees by providing high-quality services that are difficult to access and creating a competitive work environment that makes our work more professional.

تأسست الشركة الكويتية للشحن عام 2014 في جمهورية الصين في مدينة (كوانزو)والتي لها عدة فروع في (الكويت - السعودية - قطر عمان) ومتخصصة في الاستيراد من الصين. لطالما كانت رؤية الشركة متوافقة مع احتياجات وتطلعات عملائها المميزين الذين يستخدمون خدمات الشركة في جميع أنحاء العالم. تؤمن الشركة برؤية متميزة متمثلة في الأداء الممتاز والتوسع المستمر والثابت وتمتلك تصميمًا واضحًا لبناء مستقبل أفضل من خلال التحسين المستمر، التفاعل مع العملاء، الشركاء والموظفين عن طريق تقديم خدمات عالية الجودة يصعب الوصول إليها وخلق بيئة عمل تنافسية تجعل العمل أكثر احترافية.
Al Nader Central Market
Al Nader Central Market Wholesale/Retail
“A new concept of Hardware Stores”

In Al-Nader Hardware Central Market you will find all that you need for your home.
Our showroom location is in Al-Jahra

Our products Line Include:
- Sanitary
- Painting
- Electrical
- Building Materials Equipment
- Cleaning Materials
- Car Decorations Carpentry
- Gardening Supplies
Al Sayer Furniture & Furnishings Co.
Al Sayer Furniture & Furnishings Co. Wholesale/Retail
We are retailers of mid to high end modern European Furniture & Accessories. We also have an interior design department for customers use, and offer a free delivery & installation service.

We implemented Odoo to handle: Accounting, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Point of Sale, Website and eCommerce.
Al Wazzan Motors
Al Wazzan Motors Wholesale/Retail
A service center where vehicles of all makes and models are serviced by highly trained technicians and engineers. They also sell a variety of accessories and gadgets to improve the vehicles.

Their main challenge was that the entire business operations were dispersed across various aspects and needed to be systemized and simplified. They needed to keep track of quotations, orders, inventory, time sheets, and so on in order for the business to run smoothly.

Kuwait Protocol developed a Customer Centric dashboard with a custom car garage management module to meet their unique needs and requirements. The Odoo version 15 integration enabled them to consolidate and manage multiple sales teams, opportunities, sale quotations, and meeting schedules using reports and flow charts. CRM module to efficiently handle all incoming leads and related tasks. Inventory, Purchase, eCommerce, Project, Maintenance, Studio, and Accounting modules that will meet the needs of the industry.

Additionally, we improved the hosting performance, alongside training and ongoing comprehensive technical support including bug fixes, system monitoring, and updates.
Al Wazzan Veterinary Store
Al Wazzan Veterinary Store Wholesale/Retail
Al Wazzan Vet Pharmacy was established in Kuwait in 1992. It is a Family Business owned by Alwazzan, that was instituted with the aim to support and develop the pigeon hobby and sport. They have since then expanded to other products to include Birds, Falconry, Poultry, Pets, And Farm Animals. With a wide range of Feed additives to specialized feeds, veterinary pharmaceuticals, and some accessories necessary for hobbyists. Today Al Wazzan vet pharmacy is Kuwait's most professional vet pharmacy and has become the first specialized company in the region to support and offer everything required under one roof. Their international partners from Europe are the pioneers and market leaders in this field and have helped them to present the best products to their customers in Kuwait.

Their Challenge - The many limitations they faced with the previous Odoo integration. Refine areas of implementation that were previously under-serviced. Kuwait Protocol, the official Odoo partner, carefully analyzed Al Wazzan’s business to pinpoint areas of improvement.

The Al Wazzan team opted for the Odoo Version 15 with modules required for their business to run smoothly and efficiently. The point-of-Sale system assures efficacious and competent trading and customer satisfaction. CRM module to handle all upcoming leads efficiently along with related tasks. Inventory, Purchase, Sales & Accounting module that will fulfill the needed requirements from Barcode scanning to managing the different warehouses, into issuing PO with the suppliers fully integrated with the inventory to receive the products. We are assisting with the proper configuration of Odoo software and offer advice on best practices.
Ali Abdulaziz Alsanea Co
Ali Abdulaziz Alsanea Co Wholesale/Retail
Ali Abdulaziz Alsanea Est. is a wholesale retail company specializing in household goods and light furniture.

We have over 50 years of experience in the retail market and over 40 retail channels in Kuwait.

Our customers include cooperative societies, hypermarkets, and supermarkets. We offer a wide array of products such as outdoor furniture, indoor and outdoor heaters, and various plastic goods.
Alkhudairi Jewelry
Alkhudairi Jewelry Wholesale/Retail
AlKhudairi Jewellery is bolstered by a fine selection of locally hand-crafted jewellery pieces that are high in quality, in line with the latest trends, and yet utterly unique.

These elegant and exclusive ethnic designs sparkles with the creative genius of Mr. AbdulAziz M. AlKhudairi, in which the natural beauty of the gems is enhanced by the talents of the local craftsman, all of which heralded the start of a new era of Kuwaiti handcrafted jewellery.

We have implemented Manufacturing, POS, Barcode, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Employee, Purchase, Documents and Dashboard modules for their company.
Amber Oud
Amber Oud Wholesale/Retail
An authentic and unconventional luxury perfume brand with classical fragrances now modernized to reach niche audiences. With Amber Oud offering a wide range of Perfumes, Oud, Bokhour & Mubkhars since 2014 and reaching out to international markets since 2016, taking the next step of implementing a business management tool was essential.

After the business analysis by Alkhuzam & co, Amber Oud was provided with apps to further enhance the business processes by implementing the Odoo ssolution.
Anasi Holding
Anasi Holding Wholesale/Retail
Anasi Holding company’s aim is to Participate in Private-Public Partnership (PPP) Projects as a strategic financial partner, focusing on the utilities & infrastructure sectors in GCC, MENA and other regions.

Deliver long term and sustainable stakeholder value through a diversified and synergistic investment portfolio in Kuwait and internationally.
Bimad Group
Bimad Group Wholesale/Retail
Bimad Group is dedicated to producing and trading the highest quality lumber and steel products among other buidling materials as well as electrical, security and contracting solutions. With our exclusive distribution arrangements, as well as our local processing facilities and large stocking abilities, we remain able to source and supply all the required volumes, ranges, and specifications of products customized to suit the requirements of your next project or development
Blue Diamond Watch Co.
Blue Diamond Watch Co. Wholesale/Retail
Blue Diamond Watch is a leading company in Kuwait. It deals with luxury, pre-owned watches in the GCC region. Some of the brands that it deals with include:

Blue Diamond Watch offers high-quality options in watches with a holistic customer experience. It also buys pre-owned watches.

MicroSolutions’ Odoo implementation: Buying-Selling, POS, Purchase, Inventory, & Invoicing.
Bonita Wholesale/Retail
Bonita is a special store located in The Avenues Mall & Awtad Complex (Kuwait) for children's clothes and supplies. Bonita offers a collection of various clothes, shoes and bags for practical wear, occasions and festive outfits. Our objective is to implement a safe & secure e-commerce platform along with other business modules to enable the smooth-running of Bonita's retail activities.
Brandatt.com Wholesale/Retail
Brandatt.com is an e-commerce company was born in 2017, features a wide variety of top international and local brands.

Brandatt.com head office located in Kuwait, and offers local and worldwide shipping, to make the life of our customers much easier.

We implemented Odoo to handle all operation cycle: Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, Inventory, Purchase, Studio, and Consolidation.
Cameo Wholesale/Retail
Cameo Computer Services is a Kuwait based company founded in 1998 with the vision of being an integrated solution provider. CCS is dedicated to offering innovative products, communication tools, networking solutions, online payment technologies, and after market customer support. Over years of operation, they have successfully established an extensive network of PC component and parts supplies and a diversified customer base which encompasses every corner of Kuwait

كاميو لخدمات الكمبيوتر هي شركة مقرها الكويت تأسست عام 1998 بهدف أن تكون مزود حلول متكاملة.
تكرس CCS جهودها لتقديم منتجات مبتكرة وأدوات اتصال وحلول شبكات وتقنيات دفع عبر الإنترنت ودعم عملاء ما بعد السوق.على مدار سنوات من التشغيل ، نجحوا في إنشاء شبكة واسعة من مستلزمات مكونات الكمبيوتر وقطع الغيار وقاعدة عملاء متنوعة تشمل كل ركن من أركان الكويت
Camouflage Hunting & Fishing Co.
Camouflage Hunting & Fishing Co. Wholesale/Retail
Camouflage Hunting & Fishing Company is one of the fast growing suppliers selling fishing and camping equipment in Kuwait. Their retail sales transactions are increasing rapidly as they are selling in the Showrooms and the Website.

Their management requested for a business automation solution that will enable them to manage their business process and daily transactions in one ERP system.

Bus3s implemented Odoo financial and operational modules to have an integrated purchasing, inventory, sales and accounting.

Bus3s developed the management required reporting to show them a clear statistics in every aria of business operation related to the retail management, website sales, purchasing control and the segregated financials to each department accordingly.

Capital Quality General Trading Co. Cavaraty
Capital Quality General Trading Co. Cavaraty Wholesale/Retail
Capital Quality General Trading Company (Kuwait) is a distribution company in Kuwait and ME. We are distributing Electronics Devices & Mobile Accessories. The company was established in 2008. We have channels in Kuwait and ME for Electronics Devices & Mobile Accessories.
Caro Group
Caro Group Wholesale/Retail
CARO Group, have envisioned their story by taking the promise to deliver and cater for the life security of the citizens and residence in the MENA region by providing the purity in quality for the basic needs that is vital to human life and well-being.

We have implemented Odoo to handle: Sales, Accounting, Project, Time sheet, Field Service, Purchase, Inventory, Marketing , Employees , Payroll, Attendance, Fleet, Time off, and Approval.