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Al Darwish Jewellery
Al Darwish Jewellery Wholesale/Retail
The story of Al Darwish Jewellery started with the idea of providing a versatile collection of jewellery inspired from different cultures and regions in the Middle East and Europe. After laying its foundations in Qatar, the brand has become a leading pioneer in jewellery designs with precious gemstones since 2016.
Al Shulah Group
Al Shulah Group Wholesale/Retail
Established in 1980 as a retail shop in lighting, Al Shulah began to evolve to be a major player in the State of Qatar contracting industry with significance in the supply and installation of various structures in terms of lighting solutions.

Our group’s efforts in Qatar have continuously re-defined perspectives in services and technical supports. More essentially the group continues to be motivated by the rich values, principles, ethics, partnership, and governance instilled by the founder.

As a group, we aim to be the ‘market leader by far’ in whatever we do. With this vision, we have successfully partnered a host of world-renowned brands and bring to the table quality products and services coupled with the latest innovation, wealth of knowledge, experience, and technical expertise of our associates.
Al-Jedad Trading Ltd.
Al-Jedad Trading Ltd. Wholesale/Retail
Al Jedad Trading Company is the most established and well-known company in Qatar, founded over 15 years ago. Al Jedad Trading and Co owns and manages several food and beverage brands and education concepts. They are the backbone of all their subsidiary and specialize in fields such as PR &; branding, fabrication, and production, delivery services and IT solutions and research consultancy.

All of their brands are locally born in Doha, Qatar with specialized teams who are experienced within the field. For more than 15 years in the market, the organization has established a reputation of being a respectable, professional, and renowned company in the market. Their constant growth and development in the business has proven the importance of being part of the dynamic market change and the progress with emerging trends and styles of work.
Fusion Group Holding
Fusion Group Holding Wholesale/Retail
Fusion Group Holding (FGH) provides support and oversees the activities of several subsidiaries affiliated within the State of Qatar. FGH provides a pool of shared resources to its subsidiaries, allowing them to take full advantage of the efficiencies available through the centralization of administrative, accounting, and operational functions.

Fusion Group Holding, across its various departments were struggling in digitalizing their various processes and operations.
Their diversified model of services management, with all its details was a main bottleneck in the automation of their day-to-day operations.

Solution and added Value:
With the support of Ever Business Solutions, the official partner of odoo, Fusion implemented a full Odoo ERP system supporting their business processes.
The solution tackled several areas such as Accounting, HR & Payroll, Sales, Invoicing, CRM, Marketing, Purchase, Inventory, Helpdesk, eServices, Fleet Management, Website and Documents.
The digital and modernized solution maximized the company’s productivity while speeding up the processes, cutting costs on outdated approaches, and increasing the return on investment.
Roof Interior
Roof Interior Wholesale/Retail
Roof Interior was founded in 2019 by a passionate, dedicated and expert Qatari Team. The company was born out of desire to realise their clients vision for luxury interior design. They are driven to perfection, with our range of exquisite products, and exacting attention to detail, combined with their world - class mix of passion, innovation and enterprise.
Samarkand Trade
Samarkand Trade Wholesale/Retail
Samarkand Trading and Book Distribution, is a company that specializes in book and stationery distribution working in several Arab countries. Samarkand team comes with many years of experience in the distribution industry. Samarkand carries a diverse selection of Arabic literary fiction, and non-fiction as well as Arabic, English, and French children’s books.
Saving Square
Saving Square Wholesale/Retail
The retail division of the multidimensional has always been known as a trendsetter of the retail industry in the region. Today, Saving Square symbolizes quality retailing and is immensely popular with the discerning shoppers across the region. With its pleasant and novel variation from the usual supermarkets, Saving Square offers an ultra-modern shopping ambiance by integrating all conceivable needs of the consumers under one roof. Saving Square has extensively laid out counters, sprawling parking spaces, and bank counters besides a panoply of international and regional brands aptly justifying its tagline, Saving Square, where the world comes to shop.
Sky Creative
Sky Creative Wholesale/Retail
Sky Creative team has established an enviable reputation as a global and regional leader in the field of procurement, logistics, and construction. Meeting and exceeding client requirements and expectations are their chief and overriding purpose - first time, every time. Handling the sensitivity and diversity of their clients’ industries, locations, requirements, and needs are at the heart of everything they do.

Their worldwide offices and network of partners allow them to source and supply the most advanced and technically suited products and services that fulfill their clients’ requirements. Based on their professionalism in practice and execution, it is hardly surprising that their client list encompasses a multitude of market sectors, including multi- national institutions, internationally-positioned government agencies, military, media, labor camps, construction, educational facilities, and the oil and gas sectors.
Specialized Qatar Windows and Doors Systems Co.
Specialized Qatar Windows and Doors Systems Co. Wholesale/Retail
Specialized Qatar Windows & Door Systems is one of the leaders in fabrication of uPVC Windows and Doors in Qatar. We have been awarded 2nd Rank from Qatar Development Bank in Small & Medium Scale Enterprises in Qatar.
Summit Wholesale/Retail
Summit specializes in consumables and cosmetics.With a long stance in the market, they are the sole-agent for different multinational companies around the world naming United Status, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium and South Korea. Summit is also a leader in distribution and an agent for other countries in the region.
The Perfume Factory
The Perfume Factory Wholesale/Retail

THE PERFUME FACTORY is an ambitious project, headed by Mohammed Rashid Al Matwi aiming to create and sell Made in Qatar perfumes locally and internationally.