Bespoke Fitness Fuel LTD

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1706 Plum Lane
Suite 127
Redlands, CA 92408
United States
+1 (855)-877-2377

Bespoke Fitness Fuel is a London based company delivering custom made healthy meals to your home or office daily. They had built the infrastructure to prepare and deliver their products, and “soft launched” their offering in one of the biggest cities in the world. The customer’s leadership team was extremely experienced in providing goods and services to the luxury market, and wanted to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Open Source Integrators worked with the customer to identify key market segmentation, and analyze how the target segments currently purchase and consume food. Open Source Integrators and the leadership team worked together to optimize their processes. The tight integration between e-commerce and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), including inventory and dynamic BOM (Bill of Material) management, made Odoo the perfect business management platform to seamlessly link e-commerce and ERP.

The Result: Customers are delighted by the value and convenience of receiving freshly prepared food that is made to order. The company was able to make this happen by creating a well-tuned sales and manufacturing process . Leveraging the power of Open Source Integrators made a highly complex process fast and scalable.