Bavarian Autosport

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Redlands, CA 92408
United States
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BavAuto® is the leading BMW and MINI parts and accessories mail-order and internet retailer in the world. Also known as BavAuto®, Bavarian Autosport has been in the BMW parts business since 1974 – MINI parts since 2002.

The customer buying experience needed some serious improvements while maintaining performance, considering the 250 000+ products catalog. On top of this, Bavarian Autosport received a notice that their payment gateway service was to be decommissioned. The pressure was definitely on to make a move and pass the second!

Within a week, Open Source Integrators installed Odoo Enterprise on Bavarian Auto's infrastructure (Test, QA and Production servers). Within a month, Open Source Integrators made all the required customizations through modules development and gave Chuck and his team the possibility to finish user training and go live on January 2017.

Now, they have a flexible platform to build on for the future, improve warehouse operations and customer service. They have successfully transitioned the organization from a catalog-based company to an e-commerce business without losing their culture and trademark: sharing their passion for BMW and Mini with their customers.

Bavarian Auto is successfully using Odoo and Magento for:

●       Accounting

●       Sales

●       E-commerce

●       Marketplace integrations with Amazon, Ebay

●       Point of sale for the showroom

●       Marketing email campaigns

●       Inventory Management

●       RMA

●       Purchasing