US recruitment: Hiring officer

Have you ever had a full-time position as a hiring officer (in a recruitment/HR department)? *

What is your recruitment experience (years)? *

How many people have you interviewed (rough estimate)? *

Considering that our recruitment process goes through the following steps, according to your experience what would be your estimate of the number of resumes that remain at each step if we initially gather 100 resumes: - How many applications would you receive from online job boards? *

How many applications do you shortlist based on location (local candidates only) and experience (less than 7 years of experience only): ? *

How many remaining candidates would you schedule a first interview with? *

How many first interviews will occur? *

How many candidates will you recommend for second interview with management? *

How many candidates will you send an offer to? *

How many candidates will become employees? *

Based on the steps above, how long do you anticipate the process to be? *

In your experience, what should be an ideal first interview duration? What would be too long? *

In a scenario where you identify after 3 minutes of first interview that the candidate will definitely not be a good fit for the position, what would be your behavior in that case? Explain. *

According to your experience, what reliable information can you identify from a resume and cover letter only (without speaking to or meeting a candidate)? *

Apart from online job boards and career fairs in local schools, what would you recommend to gather more applications for a given position? Explain the initiatives you would take on. *

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