What should you know before starting?

Why did we create this course?

Why does this smartclass exist?

Payroll is part of any business in the world. While necessary, having an efficient Payroll software solution is a game changer for any companies willing to focus on their value proposition and avoid spending time on administrative tasks. 

Odoo is the best ERP solution regarding module integration. HR apps are certainly the best example of this. Adding Payroll to the set of installed apps does not increase the complexity of the workflow, but rather enable a new set of functionalities. However, the best mechanicians deserve the best tools to do their job properly, so let’s explore together how to handle and integrate Payroll in Odoo.

 Should I suggest Odoo Payroll for my clients?

Payroll needs are country, industry and usually company specific. In order to properly meet your customers' requirements, you have two possibilities : 

1. Either investigate what is currently existing in terms of localizations, features and possibilities in Odoo Payroll. Based on that, decide if your customers' payroll can be done in Odoo standard or not. The purpose of this smartclass is to investigate that and understand how the tool is working. 

2. Either decide to customize this module, either with Studio or through a development. In this smartclass, you will learn how to configure and adapt the standard solution, but going for a customization is a much more important decision to take : Payroll rules may change at any moment due to local legislation. If you decide to create your own localization or to modify the existing ones, you need to make sure to maintain it on a long term basis.

3. Manage the variable pay elements such as employees' data, contracts, and work entries, then export this information to an external Payroll manager.

The first module of this Smartclass provides you with the right tools to make the appropriate implementation decisions.

How can you register to this course?

If, after having a look at the chapters content, you are interested in the course, please contact your Partner Manager to get access to it and get onboarded by an Odoo Payroll expert.

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