Transversal sales - Boost your sales by selling to your existing customers

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2016

Pavitra Singh - Business Advisor, Odoo

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2. Transversal Sales

13. Knowing your Customer: business and strategic agenda



7. Reality 2

8. Salespeople do not cross - sell or up - sell more often Why?

20. All hands on deck

4. Knowing your Veritable gold mine 1

6. Retaining current customers is 6 to 7 times less costly than acquiring new ones (Source: Bain & Company)

12. How to do it RIGHT ? 3

19. Tool box 4

24. Don’t just sell it BUT smart sell it? 5

25. Thank you. #odooexperience EXPERIENCE 2016

18. Set up a customer retention program

11. — Corneille To win without risk is to triumph without glory

16. Make everyone a Salesperson – let your support team sow the seeds

5. Your existing customers Existing customers, on average, buys 67% more than New customers t(Source: Bain & Company)

9. FEAR • Fear of losing the customer • Fear of losing the credibility

10. No Euphoria Lack of proper incentives

1. Transversal sales Boost your sales by selling to your existing customers Pavitra Singh • Sales Manager EMEA EXPERIENCE 2016

3. Knowing your veritable Gold mine 1 Reality How to do it RIGHT ? Tool box 2 3 4 Conclusion 5

15. Be proactive: Does your customer knows all your products and services? Educate your client on your offerings bundle the products correctly . Have an informative Website Use automated recommendation system based on past purchases .

17. Provide amazing Customer service. 66% of B2B and 52% of B2C customers stopped buying after a bad customer service interaction. (source: www.

14. Develop a systematic sales process Strategise internally know the full range of products and services you offer Who will help you gather information? Harness the Power of listening and acting upon feedback Am I in touch with the descision maker? Who holds the budgetary responsibility ? Always include the client executives in the Sales cycle. Seek out potential partners – other suppliers to your customer


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