Time tracking and production data acquisition with NFC tags for Odoo

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2015

ODOO offers in the area of production and time tracking a solid foundation, but the masks and workflow services are not always used in practice.
With the help of NFC tags can significantly increase user friendliness.
Martin Schmid shows practical examples such as ODOO is used effectively in German companies with manufacturing.
He also shows REST API for ODOO server and apps for Windows and Android.

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10. NFC Reader/Writer

15. DEMO

4. cmc group

7. 1 Hardware

8. NFC Tags Near Field Communication

9. NFC Tags Store depend on chip up to 139 byte

11. 2 Software

14. 3 Odoo Integration

16. Automatic fill out Excel template Customer data for offline sale processes

17. Also all products from customer price list Write your sales and reimport in Odoo

18. App create a complete sale order You need office installation

19. Time tracking for employees Only with one NFC tag

20. Access also to manufacture of Odoo With NFC and barcode

21. In the production order Adds like quantity on work order

22. More than one employee on work order Handed operation to other workers

23. Send message to mrp managers With predefine templates

24. Also enhancements in Odoo MRP Link to sale orders with customer details

25. Odoo MRP - work order enhance Multiple workers for time measurement

13. REST-API: 

1. Welcome Time tracking and production data acquisition with 
 NFC tags for Odoo Odoo Experience 2015

6. Agenda 1. Hardware 2. Software 3. Odoo Integration

28. Thank You Weiherstrasse 13 - 75173 Pforzheim Deutschland / Germany Telefon +49 7231 16604 0 www.myodoo.de www.ihorsetechnologies.com

26. Next steps 1. Use NFC also warehouse 2. BlueTooth LE > Beacons and iBeacons 3. Industrie 4.0 / Industrial Internet 4. ..

12. Software 1. XMLRPC 2. Mapping with C# 3. REST-API 4. ASP.NET 5. Based on this also a permanent 
 migration service for Odoo

2. 47 Jahre - married Living in Knittlingen near Stuttgart Managing Director of Equitania Software 
 GmbH Head of IT cmc group Certified SCRUM Master Examiner at the Chamber of Commerce 
 Northern Black Forest for IT specialists Martin Schmid

3. Who we are Software vendor since 1995 Primary place Pforzheim - South Germany ISO DIN EN 9001 certified A company of the cmc group near 200 employees 12 programmers in Pforzheim / 180 in 

27. Contact E-Mail: m.schmid@myodoo.de XING: https://www.xing.com/profile/ Martin_Schmid9 http://www.myodoo.de http://www.equitania.de Blog: www.software-insel.de Skype: equitania_ms


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