Partners: Best practices to increase your Odoo revenues

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2016

By Astrid Van Lierde - Channel Account Manager, Odoo and Shahid Bandarkar

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11. Enterprise matters

16. Best practices

19. Q&A 5

15. Conclusion 4

5. Context Your relationship with your account manager 2

9. — Henry Ford Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success.

10. Business cases How Bista Solutions Inc increased their Enterprise revenue by 400% 3

20. Thank you. #odooexperience EXPERIENCE 2016

3. Introduction Starting point for best practices 1

4. The partnership is a long journey A good relationship between a partner and their account manager often results in a successful partnership.

1. Partners Session Best Practices to Increase Your Odoo Revenues Astrid VAN LIERDE • Channel Sales Manager - Odoo Inc (Americas) Shahid BANDARKAR • Director - Bista Solutions Inc EXPERIENCE 2016

2. Introduction 1 Context Business Cases Conclusion 2 3 4 Q&A 5

12. Important selling points: ● Accounting compliance + new features ● Security Patches ● Upgrade benefits ● Partner Accountability ● Filter out bad leads ● Strengthen ecosystem

14. Customized Retailer - Business case Key takeaways: Enhance the customer success journey: ● Pre-qualified by Odoo Inc directly => Introduction to the integration partner => Follow up provided by the Account Manager ● Direct negotiation between the AM & the customer ● Excellent communication between the partner & AM Increase your sales potential by 4

6. From onboarding... Apply the best practices from the beginning: ● They are your first source of information to ensure correct onboarding. ● Make use of their experience working with partners, they can give advice to develop your business efficiently. ● Define a common strategy based on your company’s profile and Odoo’s roadmap .

7. your first prospects... Include your account manager in the early stages of prospecting: ● Learn from his/her experience ● Empower yourself and increase sales potential ● Customer Reassurance: enhance your relationship with the editor (we have your back) ● Introduce Odoo Enterprise as part of the whole project

8. long-term success! By allowing Partners to become Silver or Gold Partners: ● This helps you sell more Odoo projects (co-selling) ● Have a single point of contact for any issue ● We keep you informed of the evolution of Odoo ● Develop marketing strategies: references ( Bista partner page ) - events -...

13. Increase your sales potential by 4 Telecom - Business case Key takeaways: Let your account manager negotiate the Enterprise contract directly with the customer: ● Increase the success rate => knows the benefits of the OE ● Increase the sales potential => multi-years contract (increase your chance to become or maintain your odoo status - increase your partner commission - insure a reference on the long term) ● Emphasize the close relationship you have with the editor ● Negotiate with the right persons ● Accounting features of enterprise clinched the deal

18. Ecosystem grows Client gets benefits of Enterprise Partner gets an additional Revenue stream + Efficient Business strategy Odoo gets revenue to improve the Product Attract new Prospects

17. ● Sell the whole project: Set a framework for the customer ⇒ Avoid postpone future phases and no hidden cost ● Sell a POC using enterprise: Sell the Enterprise version directly ⇒ If you start with the community, you add another sales cycle to your existing one (convert from community to Enterprise) ● Involve your Account Manager: At the early stage ⇒ Increase success rate and sales potential + customer reinsurance ● Work on your references page: Increase your SEO ⇒ Attract and reinsure your new prospects ● Educate yourself: On the benefits of the Enterprise contract ⇒ To sell better Key takeaways


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