Onboarding and planner- how to enhance user experience

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2015

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3. Introduction

6. CRM in V9

8. Popup tips & Tours

11. Implementation Guide

13. CRM Planner

14. App Dashboard

17. Tooltips, Menu tips & Placeholders

20. Action & Stat Buttons

22. Settings & Customizing

25. Onboarding Mails

27. Conclusion

1. Onboarding process : how to enhance user experience Usability Team

5. CRM in V8 It would be nice to be able to log all activities, not only logged calls CRM related menu entries should be under CRM, not Sales

16. App dashboards Accounting Human Resources

7. INTRODUCTION How to improve your onboarding process ? Use our onboarding tools !

18. Tooltips, Menu tips & Placeholders o Menu tips o It guides the user when the screen is empty o It explains how Odoo can help him managing his business

23. Settings & Customizing For the first use, focus only on the primary process o If you want to add a small feature linked to the application, go to customize o Same thing as we did for the website but in the backend

28. Conclusion o Never break the user flow o It has to be natural, use your common sense o If needed, guide the user without being invasive Don’t be that guy !

24. Settings & Customizing If you need to advanced configuration go to the settings o Settings have been simplified and are now in each apps o New dashboard to centralize the main configuration information

12. Implementation guide Tool to help the businessman starting his business with Odoo o Focused on the business requirements o Odoo is a tool to help companies to grow. The planner will help configuring Odoo to stick to the user business. o Long process that can take months to finish, it’s not a one shot tool o The businessman can open it anytime he wants

19. Tooltips, Menu tips & Placeholders o Tooltips o Are used to explain a field o When you hover a field, you expect to get an explanation o Placeholders o Simple way to indicate what to type in the field

10. Tours Tours are available on the front end interface o Help menu available when you are a front-end admin o These are tutorials explaining step-by-step what to do

26. Onboarding emails e-Mail sent after a few days to our SaaS users (administrators) o A few tips and tricks o What are the features available to make the experience more awesome o How to get help o Based on templates : you can copy the behavior for your own modules

15. App dashboards First screen of the app o It’s the gateway to each application functionalities o It’s instinctive. First time you see it, you know where you need to click o You can directly access to all your documents o In a glance, you know what are the the actions that need to be done o Everything you need on one screen o Better integration with the new design o Gain of time : no need to navigate through the menus

21. Action & stat buttons o Action button : o Guide the user thrgough the process o Highlights the next step o Stat button : o Quickly go to the linked documents o Use the breadcrumb to go back and go on in your process

2. 1 Topics Popup tips & Tours 2 Implementation Guide 3 App dashboards 4 5 Tooltips, Menu tips & Placeholders 6 Action & stat buttons 7 Settings & Customizing in the new design Conclusion 9 Onboarding emails Introduction 10

9. Popup tips Little tips to help people going through odoo and the process they want to explore o Breathing bubble that catches the eye o When the user clicks on it, the explanation pops out o Short empathic sentences, focus on the interface element. o Triggered for each users individually o Not a tour ! o Should be used only if you cannot improve usability or to explain some basic concepts o For example : the breadcrumb, the chatter, how to use the kanban view

4. INTRODUCTION o ONBOARDING : the first minutes a user spend on your software. “You only get one chance to make a first impression” o How to improve your onboarding process ? o Use your COMMON SENSE : o Stick to the business needs o First, design your module according to the needs o Then think technically o Focus on the user experience o User should not waste time discover it but immediatly be able to create documents o What the user see should look like what he does everyday o For example, an on-screen sale order should look like the paper one o Check what can go wrong in your process and improve it


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