Odoo Sign: Electronic Signature made easy

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2016

By Antoine Sencie - Business Analyst, Odoo

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16. Q & A 5


9. How it works - Follow up 3.1. Track status of sent documents 3.2. Check signature per signee (use the list view)

15. “Save Paper, It’s good for your business and for the planet” 4

17. Thank you. #odooexperience EXPERIENCE 2016

1. Odoo Sign: Electronic Signature Made Easy Antoine Sencie • Functional consultant EXPERIENCE 2016

5. With Odoo Digital Signature: Get fast signatures Decrease administrative workload with easy follow-up and automatic archiving Clean up space by working paperless Easily detect antedated documents

8. How it works - Send 2. Send secure links to signees: 2 possibilities SEND a template to many people so that several parties will sign the same copy together. Eg. a recruitment contract SHARE a link so that every signee will entirely fill in his/her own copy.

4. With Odoo Digital Signature: Prepare templates for your recurrent documents such as recruitment contracts, etc. Instantly submit signature requests to your partners all over the world Follow-up on ongoing signature requests Automatic archiving of your signed document in your Odoo instance

7. How it works - Prepare 1. Prepare your templates ● Define possible roles (parties): customer, etc ● Upload your file (PDF or image) ● Insert blocks to be completed by the parties:

14. TIPS Once a template has been created it can no longer be edited. You need to create a copy of it. Since the SHARE button creates a copy for each recipients, all the fields on the template to share need to have the same responsible

12. FLOW 2 - Send to many From existing template, create a new one 1. SEND it to: a. Two new employees 2. Sign with both and see updates Note: A single copy is signed and returned

2. Business Benefits of Odoo Digital Signature 1 How it works Demonstration Conclusion Q & A 2 3 4 5

13. FLOW 3 - Share a link From existing template, create a new one 1. SHARE to: a. odoo.demo.user@gmail.com as Contributor b. odoo.demo.officer@gmail.com as Employee 2. Sign with both and see updates Note: We will have as many copies as number of clicks on the link

11. FLOW 1 - Send to one and CC 1. Create a new party if needed 2. Upload a document & prepare the template 3. SEND it to: a. The person who needs to sign the document b. A manager (in copy) 4. As the employee, sign and submit 5. Check results


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