Odoo Mobile - Hybrid Mobile Application

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2016

Odoo Mobile - Hybrid Mobile Application

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21. Show Toast

26. Show Notification

22. How it works ?

23. Odoo Mobile - How it works ?

10. Enable Push Notification Generate and set the API Key

13. Notify to all employees Send message to all employees

18. Vibrate For how long time ? Duration as an argument

19. Vibrate Do vibrate when error / warning notification appears

24. Alarm Send odoo calendar alarm to mobile

7. Enable Push Notification

16. Develop using Mobile Plugins

5. Download App Available on the Apps Store

15. Call & Message You can call and message from app

25. Alarm Send odoo calendar alarm to mobile

14. Capture expense bills Capture and attach bills of employees expense

12. Much more you can do with Odoo Mobile

28. Questions ? Send an email to rdmobile@mail.odoo.com , if you have any question related to odoo mobile

3. New mobile app, allows you to access all Odoo apps 2016

29. Thank you. #odooexperience EXPERIENCE 2016

20. Show Toast Show toast on mobile mobile.methods.showToast({‘m essage’:’Saved successfully.’})

1. Odoo Mobile Hybrid Mobile Application Mantavya Gajjar • Director, Odoo India EXPERIENCE 2016

8. Google Notification Message Push Notification An instant messaging service from the google cloud (firebase) to send a message to mobile, either application is running or not on the mobile https://goo.gl/hMbMOL

9. How GCM / FCM works ? FCM is the new version of GCM ● FCM send the message to the Android or Apple devices ● Odoo Online users no need to do anything, On-site users have get the API keys to enable the messaging

17. Develop You no need to be a android (mobile) developer Java-JS bridge you can access the mobile resource in Odoo Web. I.e. do a vibrate when input error on the page. Verify Plugin → Access Plugin (API) → Execute Method

11. Troubleshooting Problems with cloud notification ? ● Wrong API Key or not set ? ● GCM service is not enabled in the google developer console ? ● Device registration not appear on the partner's chatter ? ● Your mobile is rooted and you do not have a google play service ?

2. Introduction 2012 Prototype model, initiate development 2013 Framework v1 development started 2015 Framework v2 with 4 official mobile apps

4. Odoo Mobile New mobile apps that allows you to access all the apps New app is Native + Web, but you can access the mobile resource such as ● Camera ● Phonebook ● Push Notification ● Other Mobile Services Google Play

27. requestDateTimePicker showNotification scanBarcode showSnackbar addContact switchAccount vibrate showToast Methods available

6. Demo ● Sign In & Signup ● Multi Account ● Usability - mobile controls ○ Date time picker ○ One2Many selection field ● Image widget & Image capture ● Barcode scanner ● Push Notification


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